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Boundless CF Review:

When you see the Boundless CF, you may do a double take! This vaporizer looks very similar to the Storz and Bickel portable vaporizer units that are used for dry herbs; however, it costs a fraction of the price. But how does it compare in terms of performance? Read on to find out.

Boundless CF light indicator showing temperature


  • Even, efficient vapor
  • Easy to pack
  • Pocket sized for easy carrying
  • Ergonomic for a comfortable fit
  • Taste and smoothness are good with low temperatures
  • Economic price for a portable model


  • Draw resistance can make inhaling difficult
  • Vapor can be too harsh on higher temperatures
Boundless CF Reviewed
Rating: 8.5/10 by

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Boundless CF Breakdown

Boundless CF
Price $119
Materials Type Dry herbs and concentrates
Heating Style Convection/Conduction
Oven Material Ceramic
Vapor Path Plastic
Removable Battery No
Battery Life (Usage time) 50 minutes
Charger USB
Charge time 3 hours
Bluetooth / APP No
Heat-up Time 20 seconds
Easy to Load? Yes
Draw Resistance Low
Vapor Production Excellent
Vapor Smoothness Excellent
Flavor / Taste Excellent
Odor Level Moderate
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range 355 - 415 degrees Fahrenheit
Vape While Charging No
Warranty 3 Years

In-Depth of Boundless CF

Boundless CF heating chamber open for dry herbs, next to the mouthpiece

- Price - As previously mentioned, the Boundless CF is a very inexpensive portable vaporizer. It retails for around $130, making it an entry-level model in terms of its price.

- Vapor Quality - Although it is priced like a cheap vaporizer, the unit is able to provide a better experience than other models of similar price. The vape features a ceramic heating chamber and uses conduction plus secondary convection to produce vapor. You don't have to worry about the nuances of vaping vs smoking with this vaporizer; it does not combust herbs even on its highest setting. That said, to get good flavor and a nice smooth vapor output, it's recommended that you use the lower settings. Any hotter and the vapor quality is diminished. Overall, the strongest selling point of the Boundless CF is the vapor cloud size, as the unit produces plentiful amounts of vapor.

- Guarantee - The Boundless CF comes with a 2-year warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. That warranty is about average when you look at dry herb vaporizers as a whole and above average for one that is so inexpensive.

- Prep Time - You don't have to pack the Boundless CF too tightly, so it's very easy to load. The unit gets hot faster than standalone convection vaporizers and vibrates when it's ready.

Boundless CF sideways with open and closed mouthpiece

- Portability - Ultra compact, the Boundless CF will fit in your pocket for easy carrying. Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold.

- Ease of Use - The Boundless CF is simple to operate; however, the herbal vaporizer does have some draw resistance. People who have breathing problems may struggle to use it properly. The unit has a 5-minute auto shutoff that will power off after 5 minutes. You will likely have to turn it back on to complete a full session but the vape reaches working temperature fast so this isn't much of an issue.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - With the Boundless CF you can choose from five heat settings, but as previously mentioned, only the lowest two are really recommended to get a nice balance of vapor production with smoothness and pleasing flavor.

- Power Supply - The Boundless CF has a powerful battery that can usually provide about 1 hour of vaping time. That's about average for a unit of this size.

In conclusion, the Boundless CF is great for those who are looking for an inexpensive portable vape that produces a large amount of vapor with above average quality. While it doesn't match the performance of a Storz & Bickel, as you’ve read in this review, other vaporizer reviews, and your own experience, the model offers real value for the money due to its low price point.

Boundless Vaporizers Breakdown

Boundless CFC Boundless CF Boundless CFX Boundless CFV
Price $89 $119 $169 $209
Materials Type Dry herbs Dry herbs and concentrates Dry herbs Dry herbs
Heating Style Conduction Convection/Conduction Convection/Conduction Convection
Oven Material Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Wood, quartz, stainless steel
Vapor Path Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
Removable Battery No No No No
Battery Life (Usage time) 15 sessions 50 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Charger USB USB USB Micro-USB
Charge time 2 hours 3 hours 2-3 hours 2-3 hours
Bluetooth / APP No No No No
Heat-up Time 30 seconds 20 seconds 18 seconds 30 seconds
Easy to Load? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Draw Resistance Moderate Low Moderate Low
Vapor Production Low Excellent Excellent Low
Vapor Smoothness High Excellent Excellent Moderate
Flavor / Taste Moderate Excellent Excellent Excellent
Odor Level Low Moderate Moderate Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range Up to 400o F. 355 - 415 degrees Fahrenheit 100 - 430 degrees Fahrenheit 140 - 446 degrees Fahrenheit
Vape While Charging No No No No
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years

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