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FLYTLAB Fuse Review:

FLYTLAB Fuse accessories, charger, cleaning brush, dab tool pick and cartridges

The FLYTLAB Fuse is a vaporizer that lets you Fuse eliquid, wax, oils, and dry herbs by choosing two of them to vape simultaneously in places it is legal to do so. By refilling the cartridges, you have complete control over what you vape. This conduction vaporizer features a durable composition and intuitive draw system that only heats when you inhale. With its long-lasting battery and the fusion technology, it is truly one of a kind.


  • Fuse lets you vape two different materials at once
  • Lets you vape 4 different kinds of materials
  • Intuitive pull design
  • Good vapor quality
  • Long lasting battery


  • 510 incompatible
  • Takes a moment to refill cartridges
  • No changeable heat settings
FLYTLAB Fuse Reviewed
Rating: 6/10 by

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FLYTLAB Vaporizers Breakdown

FLYTLAB Fuse (This review is about) FLYTLAB h2Flo (Another model to compare to) FLYTLAB Lift (Another model compare to)
Price $200 $220 $150
Materials Type E-liquid, dry herb, wax Dry herbs Dry herbs
Heating Style Conduction Conduction Convection
Oven Material Cartridge Ceramic Ceramic
Vapor Path Plastic Metal Metal
Removable Battery No No No
Charger Micro-USB Micro-USB USB
Bluetooth / APP No No No
Heat-up Time 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 60 Seconds
Easy to Load? Moderately Yes Yes
Draw Resistance High Moderate Low
Vapor Production Excellent Excellent Low
Vapor Smoothness Excellent Moderate Moderate
Flavor / Taste Excellent Outstanding Above average
Odor Level Moderately Moderately Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range One temperature setting One temperature setting 365 to 465 degrees Fahrenheit
Vape While Charging Yes No No
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years

Basics of FLYTLAB Fuse

FLYTLAB Fuse Review FLYTLAB Fuse inside the packaging box with charger, heating atomizers and wax tools

- Price - The FLYTLAB Fuse retails for $199 on the brand’s website. This is a really great price for a quality portable vaporizer, and pretty typical. This price is especially fantastic due to the fact that this oil vaporizer can do it all, and do it all twice over.

- Vapor Quality - The vapor quality is great. While it may take a few hits before you really build up a good, dense, flavorful vapor, once you get there, you'll be blowing huge cloud after cloud, especially with the e-juice cartridge in.

- Guarantee - The FLYTLAB Fuse comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure the longevity of your purchase.

- Prep Time - The time it takes to prep this vape is a bit longer than typical portable vaporizers prep time, but that is only because you do have to take a moment or two to fill the refillable cartridges for all four materials in order to vape them properly. Then, you must insert the appropriate cartridge into the designated spots to begin vaping.

FLYTLAB Fuse chamber for wax, oils, dry herb and e-liquids next to cartridges

- Portability - The Fuse is technically a portable vaporizer, but it is made from extremely heavy-duty materials and measures around 11 inches long. While its size does of course have its benefits, this also means that while it is an incredibly durable vaporizer, it is not very discreet for covert public use and it will not fit very well in your pocket for quick travel. Still, you can tote it around without needing to connect it to a power supply, delivering all of the freedom of portable vaporizers.

- Ease of Use - This FLYTLAB model features a button less interface. Instead of pressing a button to fire it up, it has an intuitive pull system that heats only when you draw, making it convenient and efficient. Do keep in mind you must load cartridges to use it, so that might detract from its ease of use.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators – The Fuse is a conduction style vape featuring two changeable heat settings and since there are no buttons to push, a consistent heat is monitored and maintained for you.

- Power Supply - It has a reliable battery that can last a few days with moderate use and be recharged with a USB adapter.

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