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Haze Square Review:

Haze Square twisted, open and showing the heating chamber

The Haze Square Vaporizer is currently a prototype that contains four different chambers. Each chamber rotates over a single heating element and can accommodate waxes, oils, or dry herbs without the need to constantly refill. Truly one of a kind, its entry onto the market is something that is highly anticipated. Read the full review to see why.


  • 4 unique material compartments that rotate over a single atomizer
  • Convection vape
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Portable
  • Instant heating
  • 3-second vapor production

Haze Square Reviewed
Rating: 8/10 by

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Breakdown of Haze Square

Haze Square Haze Square Pro
Price $169 (MSRP) $189 (MSRP)
Materials Type Concentrates and Dry Herbs Concentrates and Dry Herbs
Heating Style Convection Convection
Oven Material Titanium in ceramic Pure, patented ceramic
Vapor Path Copper Copper
Removable Battery No No
Battery Life (Usage time) One hour One hour
Charger USB-C USB-C
Charge time 40 minutes 40 minutes
Bluetooth / APP No Yes
Heat-up Time 10 seconds 10 seconds
Easy to Load? Yes Yes
Draw Resistance Moderate Moderate
Vapor Production Moderate Moderate
Vapor Smoothness High Hight
Flavor / Taste Low Low
Odor Level Low Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range 5 temperature settings Adjustable Preset Temperatures (335F - 480F)
Vape While Charging No No
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years

In-Depth of Haze Square Vaporizer

Haze Square front and side showing mouthpiece, charger plug and power buttons on top

- Price - The price of the Haze Square is set to $169 and $189 for Pro version.

- Vapor Quality - The Square vaporizer features a ceramic heating element. Ceramic is known to evenly heat materials and produce exceptional flavor. Since it is an entirely convection-based instead of conduction, the vapor will heat more evenly and produce tastier, fuller clouds. The Haze Square features a completely isolated air path which allows for smooth hits every time, while also improving the flavor.

- Guarantee - Like other Haze's products, this model comes with an outstanding 10-year limited warranty.

- Prep Time - Preparing it for use is bliss. It features instant heating to the chamber & is able to produce vapor in less than 3 seconds when it is being used on the maximum temperature setting--no wait time whatsoever. And, if you have already pre-packed the materials into the 4 chambers, there is no packing time involved, either. Just grab & go.

- Portability - The Haze Square fits well in the hand and has a comfortable weight, making it easy to tote around. The mouthpiece retracts in order to eliminate fear of the Haze Square Vaporizer breaking while on the go, making this handheld vaporizer a totally portable vaporizer, as well.

Haze Square set, charger, mouthpiece, cleaning brush, loating tool, chamber trays, usb plug

- Ease of Use - The Haze Square Vaporizer can hold up to 4 different materials at one time, and features a rotating plate that cycles over a single heating element. Though you can only use one of the canisters at a time, you can go from waxes to herbs in a single second just by rotating the plate. This allows you to easily use different kinds of herbs, waxes, and oils all in a single session without the need for any refilling, delivering exceptional ease of use. To clean, you just remove the top section and soak it in isopropyl alcohol, making even the maintenance aspect a breeze.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - The Haze Square Vaporizer is a pure convection vaporizer with no conduction that comes with adjustable temperatures, covering from 340 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The buttons on the top of the unit allows you to set the temperature .

- Power Supply - Haze Square uses a powerful 2600mAH battery that is able to deliver instant heating to the chamber. It charges using a micro-USB port and features pass-through technology.

All in all, the Haze Square Vaporizer has the potential to be a powerful convection-based vape that can accommodate any variation of cannabis. It has a revolutionary design and a ceramic heating element that provides smooth hits every time through its isolated heat path. Truly, when this vape hits the market, it is going to be one for the record books.

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