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SToK R Series 2 & Roil Review:

SToK USA is a newer manufacturer of vaporizers that is making a name for itself with the creation of their devices for wax collection, known as the R Series. The slogan for the company is #ThisThingRips, making the bold claim right off the bat that their portable vaporizer pens rival the quality of rig style waxy oil models.

Stok R-Series 2 next to Stok OG Four 2.0 and Roil vape pen for wax


  • Affordable price on the complete series of wax units
  • Advanced air flow design reduces draw resistance
  • Overall very good vapor quality
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy to load
  • Stylish design that resembles an electronic cigarette
  • Long battery life


  • Polycarbonate plastic chambers do detract from vapor quality
  • Short warranty
  • Vapor quality is a little lower with the R Series 2 wax pen
  • R Series Roil is a little large and not as compact
SToK R Reviewed
Rating: 8.2/10 by

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In-Depth of SToK R Series

Stok R Series Roil Vape pen for dabbing heating chamber shown

- Price - One of the biggest selling points of both the Roil and R2 in the R Series is their price. The Roil sells for around $80, while the R2 retails for about $50. That's much less than some of the high-end wax vaporizer units like the ones from Source.

- Vapor Quality - Both of the R Series provide a great vaping experience. They both give you large clouds of potent, smooth vapor; however, the ceramic coil-less heating chamber in the Roil tends to outperform the R2's ceramic rod. While the effects may be similar to a rig, it's important to note that these vapes do have polycarbonate plastic heating chambers rather than metal. This does slightly reduce the flavor and purity of vapor.

- Guarantee - The SToK R Series only have 90-day warranties. That's a lot shorter than the 5-year warranties that Atmos RX provides on their vape pens.

- Prep Time - Both of the wax pens offered by SToK USA heat up quickly and are easy to load. The R Series Roil is extra simple due to its deep dish design.

- Portability - The R2 is very compact in size and easy to carry with you. The R Series Roil is larger and a little more bulky; however, it's by no means the biggest wax pen vaporizer on the market.

- Ease of Use - The R Series are simple to use with one button functionality. Both have innovative air flow systems that give you a nice draw with little to no resistance.

Stok R series 2 vape pen in its box

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - With the SToK R Series 2 Vape Pens, you only have one heat setting to choose from. It's optimized to work well with thicker and oilier waxes, though.

- Power Supply - The R Series Roil has a very long lasting battery. The R Series 2 offers impressive battery life for a vape of its size, thanks to its processor chip.

If you're looking for a cheap vaporizer that is able to provide reliable performance and great vapor quality, the SToK R Series wax vaporizer pens are a good choice. The R Series Roil will give you a slightly better experience, but its size might make it a little less desirable if you want a very compact vape pen for sale.

For more information, or to purchase one of these devices, you can check out the SToK R Series Roil and SToK R Series 2 pages. We'll be glad to answer any questions you have about the vape pens, too.

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