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Yocan Evolve Plus Review:

Yocan Evolve Plus guide and breakdown of the battery, silicon wax attachment, atomizer and mouthpiece

The Yocan Evolve Plus is a powerful vape, perfect for those in the market for something inexpensive, because its quality doesn't suffer due to the affordable price point. It is fast, efficient, and incredibly easy to maintain with a number of additional features that make it a truly portable vape. Read on for the full review of Yocan Evolve Plus, a pen vaporizer for wax.


  • Built-in silicone jar for discreet storage
  • Instant heating time
  • Dual quartz atomizer
  • Long lasting battery
  • Very low price


  • One temperature setting
  • Undetermined warranty time period
Rating: 8/10 by

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In-Depth of Yocan Evolve Plus

Yocan Evolve Plus in silver, black, orange, red and light blue

- Price - It sells at an incredibly low, low price of $65. It is very well-made and performs way out of its price range!

- Vapor Quality - Due to its dual quartz atomizer, it produces evenly heated material and amazing flavor, with vapor that is dense and rich. With the option of purchasing an additional ceramic donut heating coil, you are able to get a unique vaping experience no matter which atomizer you use.

- Guarantee - There is a manufacturer’s guarantee on the Yocan Evolve Plus, but it is undetermined how long this satisfaction guarantee is in effect.

- Prep Time - With zero prep time, the Yocan Evolve Plus is ready in an instant. Turn it on, and this cheap wax vaporizer pen is ready to go right away.

- Portability - This is perhaps one of the most portable vaporizers due to its built-in silicone jar! This means that instead of having to tote around a bulky silicone container of your own that is separate from the unit, you can store your wax concentrate in the actual vaporizer itself. This jar is located at the bottom near the battery. It also comes with a functional coil cap that prevents leaks and messes.

Yocan Evolve Plus next to the box, with mouth piece, atomizer and battery apart

- Ease of Use - It fits perfectly in your hand and is both easy to load and easy to clean. The coil cap mentioned before also serves as a way to stop the transfer of heat from the element to your mouth, making for a more pleasant experience.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - The Yocan Evolve Plus features an incredibly large dual quartz coil atomizer. This atomizer delivers top notch flavor and heating abilities. You also have the option of purchasing a ceramic donut coil to decide how you want to vape.

- Power Supply - This portable vaporizer pen is much longer lasting than most, with a 1100mAh battery and 15-second shut off time that is both a safety feature and a way to preserve the battery's life.

Overall, this is a nifty little vaporizer for wax is highly portable and allows you to take your materials with you on the go with great ease. You can use it during your travels for an extended period with its long-lasting battery, and never once have to worry about its flavor or vapor production, thanks to the option of two different coils, a dual quartz or ceramic donut. It is incredibly cost effective and ergonomic, making this a wax vape you simply cannot pass up.

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