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Kind Pen Jiggy, Weezy or Lobi Vape Pen for Wax, Oil

Availability: In stock

  • - Vaporizers for Wax or Oil
  • - Various Temperature Settings
  • - Ready in 3-7 seconds
  • - 1 Complete Kind Pen Kit
  • - USB Charger and Accessories
  • - Dabbing Tool & Manual
  • - Mist, HighKey, Covert or Breezy Series X

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Availability: In stock


As a vape enthusiast, you know that if top critics believe a product is worth its salt, it almost certainly will be. Many have praised Kind Pen brand for their sophisticated line of products, which includes many different unique vaporizers. Each model from Kind Pen is incredibly lightweight, making it easier than ever before to carry around. As you are able to place any of them in your pocket, backpack, or simply hold in the hand, is why this brand makes vaping anywhere at any time an easily accessible dream. This very well know brand in the industry constantly improves vapes intended for wax & oil. Each model described below also comes with a lifetime warranty.


Kind Pen is precisely what its name suggests: a slender, portable, conduction style wax pens. Also available in an assortment of fun, vibrant colors in a durable matte finish, it features the common on/off system of five clicks of its power button in rapid succession to ensure the device will not turn on in your pocket.

Creating vaporization is an atomizer with a titanium coil and dual ceramic rods, a combination that provides dense, crisp vapor with a clean flavor profile. Both the coils and the rods are housed inside of a ceramic casing which provides even-heating capabilities. This type of heating element also works to thoroughly use up your waxy materials, and it does so slowly, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your every vaping session. Furthermore, any wax that was not used by the coils and rods initially will land on the ceramic chamber and vaporize that way, promising an efficient session every time. Though it only has one temperature setting, the temperature has been optimized for perfect vapes each time.

A universal USB charger is included with the kit, so you can charge your vape pen no matter where you are. A packing tool is also included, allowing you freedom to take it with you anywhere without having to lug around bulky tools. Ultra portable, this slender vaporizer resembles a typical e-cig for stealth purposes. The parts screw together, making for simple, durable assembly and use anywhere you go.

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Slim Premium for Wax or Oil

Discover the Slim Premium Wax Vape Pen: Elevate Your Vaping Experience

Join the ranks of thousands of delighted vapers who can't imagine a day without their Slim Premium Wax vape pens. This compact personal vaporizer is designed for concentrates, delivering delectable flavors and voluminous clouds that exceed expectations.

Here's why the Slim Premium Wax vape pen should be your go-to choice: Versatile Compatibility: Our vape pen effortlessly handles even the most robust waxes, thanks to the patented preheat 2.0v function. Tailored Vaping: Customize your vape experience by adjusting the wattage to suit your preferences perfectly. Rapid Charging: The Premium Slim Wax vape pen charges at lightning speed, ensuring minimal downtime. Tank Compatibility: It's compatible with other tanks, allowing you to use your 510-thread tanks for added convenience. Premium Build: Crafted from food-grade materials, this vape pen guarantees safety and durability. Why wait? Elevate your vaping journey today with the Slim Premium Wax vape pen!

Slim Premium for Wax Vape Pen by The Kind Pen Information

Experience Simplicity and Excellence with the Slim Premium Oil Vape Starter Kit

"The best & the simplest oil vape starter kit money can buy!" — We hear this every single day, and for a good reason. No, it's not the flashiest or the most advanced vape pen on the market. It doesn't boast an abundance of bells and whistles either. However, if you're in search of a reliable vape pen that gets the job done effortlessly, look no further than the Slim Premium.

Here's why it's your perfect companion: Versatile Oil Compatibility: Our patented preheat 2.0v function ensures that it works seamlessly with both thin and thick oils. Tailored Vaping Experience: Adjust the voltage to your liking and enjoy a customized vaping experience every time. Rapid Charging: Say goodbye to long waits; the Slim Premium charges swiftly, keeping you on the move. Universal Compatibility: It's designed to be compatible with most 510-thread tanks and cartridges, adding to its convenience. Why wait any longer? Elevate your vaping experience with the Slim Premium Oil Vape Starter Kit today!

Slim Premium for Oil Vape Pen by The Kind Pen Information

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Mist for Oil

Introducing the Mist Vape – Your Ideal Companion for Oil Enjoyment

At Mist, we set out to craft the perfect compact oil vape, allowing you to curate your vaping experience precisely. The Mist vape features an adjustable voltage battery, offering seamless transitions between 2.4v, 2.8v, and 3.2v, tailored to match your oil's viscosity and the coil type you prefer. Embrace the Mist oil vaporizer today and seize the opportunity to enjoy it under our lifetime warranty guarantee. This is a once-in-a-lifetime investment – if it ever malfunctions or encounters defects, Kind Pen will promptly replace it, ensuring you can continue savoring those delightful puffs without a worry!

Mist for Oil Vaporizer by The Kind Pen Information

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HighKey for Oil

Unveil the Exclusive HIGHkey Experience

HIGHkey, exclusively from The Kind Pen, is the epitome of discretion for oil and extracts vaping, conveniently fitting in the palm of your hand. Its unique design accommodates all 9mm 510-thread compatible tanks, be it glass or plastic, enabling you to effortlessly switch between different vaping materials without the hassle of constant atomizer cleaning.

What sets HIGHkey apart: Variable Voltage Capabilities: Choose from 2.8v, 3.2v, 3.6v, or 4.0v for a tailored vaping experience. Convenient Preheat Function: It's primed and ready to deliver within seconds whenever you're ready to vape. Discover the HIGHkey difference today and redefine your vaping journey!

HighKey Oil Vaporizer by The Kind Pen Information

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Covert for Oil

Meet Covert: Elevate Your Vaping Experience with Stealth and Versatility

Allow us to introduce Covert, the latest and most discreet addition to The Kind Pen family. This isn't your typical vaporizer; Covert redefines discretion and convenience in vaping. Its clever design ingeniously conceals the cartridge within the battery, mimicking the appearance of an ordinary disposable e-juice vape pen. With Covert, your vaping remains discreet, safeguarding your privacy. But Covert isn't just about appearances; it's a powerhouse of practicality. Equipped with a preheat function at 1.8v and four voltage settings, Covert effortlessly vaporizes even the thickest oils. Whether you're in a cozy indoor setting or braving the chilly outdoors, Covert adapts seamlessly.

Covert's standout feature is its universal compatibility. This versatile vaporizer accommodates 0.5, 1, and 2 milliliter cartridges, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different cartridges from various brands without the need for multiple devices. Streamlined and efficient – that's Covert's promise. But that's not all; Covert offers dual activation modes for your convenience. You have the flexibility to switch between draw activation for a button-free, smooth session or the tactile satisfaction of button activation. Combined with the robust 650mAh battery capacity, Covert ensures long, uninterrupted vaping sessions without the hassle of frequent charging.

Covert Oil Vaporizer by The Kind Pen Information

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Pure for Oil

PURE: Your Gateway to Affordable and Flavorful Vaping

Amidst the sea of extravagant vapes with eye-watering price tags, are you yearning for a vape that not only performs exceptionally but also keeps your budget in check? Look no further than our exclusive new offering: the Pure vaporizer.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Pure vaporizer caters to beginners while delivering outstanding performance. This versatile device offers a dual-action capability, accommodating oils with ease. Even thick oils are no match for its preheat function. Crafted from premium-grade metals, the Pure boasts auto-draw activation and includes a reusable tank with a ceramic atomizer. And there's more – don't forget your cherished prefilled cartridges. The Pure seamlessly works with all 510-thread (9mm) tanks, be it plastic or glass. Discover affordable and delectable vaping sessions with PURE today!

Pure Oil Vaporizer by The Kind Pen Information

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Breezy for Oil

Discover the Full Specifications: Breezy – Your Ultimate Vaping Companion

Explore the exceptional features of Breezy, your next-generation vaping companion: Robust Metallic Construction: Crafted from top to bottom with durable metal, ensuring lasting quality. Advanced Preheated Chamber Function: Heats the chamber evenly from all sides, not just the bottom, for consistent and efficient vaporization. Four Temperature Settings: Choose from four voltage settings (2.8v, 3.2v, 3.6v, 4.0v) to tailor your vaping experience. Generous 11mm Chamber Diameter: Compatible with all 510-thread cartridges available on the market, offering versatility like no other. Two Interchangeable Adaptors: Enjoy the flexibility of two interchangeable adaptors, accommodating both 0.5 and 1-milliliter cartridges. Battery Life Indicator: Conveniently located on top, the battery life indicator keeps you informed at all times. Effortless One-Button Operation: Seamlessly control preheating and firing with the ease of a single button.

Make the switch to Breezy today and bid farewell to your outdated vaporizer. With Breezy, you'll savor smooth hits, exquisite flavors, and revel in being the proud owner of the most stylish vape in your circle!

Breezy Oil Vaporizer by The Kind Pen Information

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Jiggy for Wax & Oil

JIGGY: The Ultimate Vape for All Your Vaping Desires

Meet the Jiggy 3 in 1 vape pen, designed to fulfill every aspect of your vaping needs: Effortless Dipping Design: The Jiggy features a user-friendly straw that allows you to dip into your wax and enjoy a hit without the hassle of preloading. Enhanced Flavor with Quartz Atomizer: For those seeking richer flavors, the Jiggy includes a quartz atomizer with quartz coils, seamlessly replaceable once the straw is removed. Versatile Compatibility: Dive into vaping with ease, as the Jiggy accommodates all standard Ccell 510-threaded tanks, making it a true multi-use vape pen. And just like every Kind Pen vaporizer, the Jiggy comes backed by our unmatched lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event of any issues, reach out to us, and we'll have you back to vaping in no time!

Full Specifications: 3 in 1 Vaporizer Pen and Electronic Rig Combo: Designed to fit standard e-liquid tanks. Rugged Metal Casing: Resistant to accidental bumps and drops, ensuring durability. Impressive 400mAh Battery Capacity: Provides extended vaping sessions. Convenient Preheat Function: Available for your vaping convenience. Adjustable Voltage Settings: Choose from 3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v, and 4.8v to tailor your experience. Accessories Included: Comes complete with a packing tool, pipe cleaners, and extra O-rings. Optimized Circuit Board: Equipped with built-in safeguards, including automatic cut-off and shutdown. Elevate your vaping journey with the JIGGY – the only vape that caters to all your vaping desires, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Jiggy Wax Vaporizer by The Kind Pen Information

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Weezy for Wax

WEEZY: Elevating Your Concentrate Experience to Perfection

Say farewell to mundane wax vaporizers and meet Weezy, a cutting-edge vape that's all about fun, functionality, and discretion. Weezy is your answer to bidding adieu to burnt and wasted vape material, unexpected battery failures mid-session, and sticky hands. This sleek marvel boasts a robust 700mAh built-in battery that ensures you enjoy your day-long sessions without the need for constant recharging. Plus, it features a hassle-free pop-up ceramic atomizer, simplifying filling and cleaning. Make Weezy your trusted companion today, and discover why it outshines those overpriced wax vaporizers that not only dent your wallet but also compromise your precious material.

Full Specifications: Powerful 700mAh Battery: With rapid-charging capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted vaping pleasure. Effortless Pop-Out, Pop-In Atomizer Design: Streamlines your experience. Leak-Proof Chamber Design: Ensures a mess-free experience. Simplified One-Button Operation: User-friendly and intuitive. Advanced 15-Second Session Mode: Tailored for your convenience. Swift Heat-Up Function: Minimizes waiting time. Three Temperature Settings: Choose from 3.3V, 3.7V, and 4.2V for your ideal vaping experience. Compact Mouthpiece with Secure Magnetic Connections: Designed for comfort and ease. Micro USB Charger: Convenient and compatible. Accessories Included: Comes with a packing tool, glass wax jar, and user manual. Elevate your concentrate experience to perfection with Weezy, backed by our lifetime warranty – because quality is our promise.

Weezy Wax Vaporizer by The Kind Pen Information

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Lobi for Wax

Experience Unmatched Hits and Flavor All Day Long with LOBI

Discover the pinnacle of concentrate vaping with the Lobi, a cutting-edge creation by Kind Pen. Crafted to deliver unrivaled flavor, extended lifespan, and effortless maintenance, the Lobi is set to redefine your wax, shatter, and crumble vaping experience. Compatible with various cannabis and wax concentrates, it consistently delivers pristine flavor while keeping cleanup hassle-free.

Using the Lobi is a breeze: Charge your device with the provided USB-C charger. Load a grain of your preferred concentrate onto the heating element using the packing tool. Attach the mouthpiece. Select your desired temperature from four available settings. Press the fire button and enjoy a 15-second session with no preheating required. Post-session, simply clean the coil-less quartz coil using the provided q-tip, and you're all set for your next vaping session.

LOBI Concentrate Vape Pen Specifications: 1 x Full Quartz Coil-Less Atomizer for preserving your concentrate's integrity. 1 x Dual Quartz Atomizer. Robust 1200mAh Battery Capacity ensures uninterrupted vaping all day long. Isolated Airpath guarantees a 100% splash-proof experience, sparing your taste buds from scorching. Adjustable Airflow caters to both casual vaping and intense, hard-hitting sessions. Features a Glass Mouthpiece and employs toxin-free, food-grade materials for safety and purity. Offers 4 Temperature Settings (450°F, 500°F, 550°F, 600°F) for a variety of vaping experiences. Comes with essential vaping tools: 5x Q-tips, 5x O-rings, 2x alcohol pads, 1x packing tool. Includes a USB-C charger, user manual, and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. Elevate your concentrate vaping game with LOBI, where exceptional hits and flavors await you, supported by our unwavering commitment to quality.

Lobi Wax Vape Pen by The Kind Pen Information

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Gags for Wax & Oil

Your Ultimate Desktop E-Rig for Wax & Oil Carts... With a Twist!

You've come to know The Kind Pen for crafting top-tier handheld vape pens and vaporizers, but now we're stepping into the world of desktop vapes, and we're thrilled to introduce GAGS - their game-changing desktop-style vaporizer with a twist! GAGS is a session powerhouse designed to accommodate both oil cartridges and concentrates. But don't expect it to be bulky or inconvenient. GAGS is all about simplicity. No cumbersome attachments or cords that hinder your group sessions. We've made it user-friendly and easy to maintain, featuring a stand-alone battery base boasting a 1600mAh capacity with a standard 510-thread connection (compatible with most oil cartridges on the market today). For all your concentrate needs, we've equipped it with a ceramic disk atomizer and a triple quartz rod coil.

But here's the real twist! GAGS' ingenious design includes a dome-like collection bowl that fits seamlessly onto the battery base. This bowl is engineered to capture voluminous vapor clouds that you can inhale directly from the device. Say goodbye to balloons and whips. The bowl is detachable, so you can pass it around to share with friends during group sessions.

And the cherry on top? Despite its desktop-style concept, GAGS is cordless, powered by a battery and compact enough to slip into your backpack for portability. Just be mindful of the glass bowl! Plus, like all our products, GAGS is backed by our unlimited lifetime warranty, ensuring rapid replacements if needed. Why? Because we have faith in the quality of our vapes.

GAGS Vaporizer Full Specifications: Battery Dimensions: Base Diameter approximately 4.3", Height 2.3" GAGS Bowl Dimensions: Base Diameter approximately 2.3", Height 6"; Battery Capacity: 1600mAh; 4 Temperature Settings: 2.5V, 3V, 3.5V, and 4V; Compatible with Oil Cartridges & Concentrates (wax, shatter, budder); Delivers Clean, Flavorful Hits with No Burnt Taste; Offers Single Hit and Session Modes (Continuous Vaporization for Long Sessions or Group Sessions); Single-Button Operation (5 Taps to Turn On, 3 Taps to Change Temperature, 2 Taps to Activate Session Mode); Features a Massive Vapor Capacity Glass Bowl; 510-Thread Compatible - Works with All Oil Cartridges Currently on the Market; USB-C Fast Charging (Full Battery Charge in 2 Hours)

GAGS Package Includes: 1X 1600mAh GAGS Battery; 1X GAGS Domed Vapor Collection Bowl; 1X Triple Quartz Rod Atomizer; 1X Ceramic Disc Atomizer; 1X USB-C Charger; 1X Cleaning Brush; 1X Packing Tool; 1X User Manual; 5X Cleaning Q-Tips; COVERED BY OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY

Elevate your vaping experience with GAGS, your ultimate desktop e-rig for wax and oil carts, now with a twist that promises remarkable sessions and a lifetime of performance assurance.

Gags Wax Vape Rig by The Kind Pen Information

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The Don for Wax

THE DON - Elevating Every Dab Session to New Heights

Meet The Don, the undisputed lightweight champion of portable e-rigs. Engineered to perform like a desktop e-rig, it's compact enough to slip into your pocket yet delivers a powerful punch that will leave you delighted. Its ergonomic design ensures effortless use anywhere, making on-the-go dabbing a breeze. The foldable glass mouthpiece adds to its compact feel, while the silicone sleeve safeguards your lips from heat. Managing airflow and temperature is a cinch, especially with the included carb cap and tether. And don't miss The Don's built-in water filtration system, which cools vapor and elevates your dabbing experience. Packed with premium features, The Don guarantees a one-of-a-kind dabbing experience. We've prioritized convenience without compromising performance because you deserve nothing but the best in portable dab rigs. The Don is an offer you simply can't refuse if you're seeking pure dabbing bliss!

FULL SPECIFICATIONS: Precise Temperature Control for Optimal Enjoyment; Built-In Water Filtration System for Smooth Hits; Easy to Disassemble and Clean (Fully Detachable); Curved Glass Mouthpiece; Compatible with Concentrates and Oils; 3000mAh Battery for Extended Use Without Recharging; Coilless 'No-Burn' Atomizer for Unadulterated Flavor; LED Light Patterns and Haptic Feedback for User-Friendly Operation; Full Quartz Chamber (Replaceable); Cutting-Edge Carb Cap with Tether; Includes Packing Tool, Silicone Mouthpiece Sleeve, Cup Removal Tool, and Cleaning Gear; USB-C Charger; User Manual; Covered by Our Lifetime Warranty

Experience dabbing like never before with The Don, where every session is a revelation of flavor, performance, and convenience.

The Don Wax Vaporizer by The Kind Pen Information

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Short Manual

  • 1. Make sure you have your dabbing tool ready, whether you use your own or the one that might have been included in your kit.
  • 2. Unscrew the battery, mouthpiece, or whatever component is blocking your access to the atomizer.
  • 3. Using the dab tool, collect the wax or oil concentrates and place it onto the heating element, using very little per load.
  • 4. For best results, use caution and attempt to "knock" the wax off of the tip of the tool. Do not touch the coil with the tool.
  • 5. Once loaded, if the heating element has wicks, give the power button a pulse or two to help it absorb into the wicking.
  • 6. Carefully replace the battery, mouthpiece, or any other part you may have unscrewed.
  • 7. and it is ready for your enjoyment!

Kind Pen always makes it easy to enjoy any material, all through a constantly growing convenient line of vaporizers. With their unmatched portability, ease of use, incredible flavor, and versatility, it's no wonder why so many critics holds this brand in such high regards.

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Kind Pen Jiggy, Weezy or Lobi Vape Pen for Wax, Oil. KindPen is precisely what its name suggests: a slender, portable, conduction style wax pens. These Vapes for wax and oil are efficient, ease to use, and come with Lifetime Warranty! Vape any concentrates with Dream, Bullet, V2 or V3 vaporizer now! 10off

Rating: 4.3/5 based on 40 review(s)
  • Price: $34.00 - In stock
  • Brand: The Kind Pen
Package Includes:

Kind Pen Vape Pen Kit

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Free Gift (Must Select) Yes
Free Shipping Free Shipping on Domestic Orders of $74 or more
Brand The Kind Pen
Product Type Vaporizer Pen
Warranty Info Lifetime Limited Warranty
Compatible With Concentrated Oils and Wax, Oil liquid
Portability Discreet Pocket Size; On-the-Go (Portable)
Heat-up Time 5 seconds
Number of Users One person or Small Group
Power Source Rechargeable Battery
Delivery Method Direct Draw
Voltage 110v
Definitely quality - Review by Dominic
The battery has some serious power for all day use. The dual quartz rods give the taste of a ceramic bowl but with a full lung hit that my kandy crystal was unable to do. Keeping it clean is weirdly often but not terrible.
Saves time and money - Review by Wendy T.
The Kind Pen Bullet only takes two hours to charge and once it reaches its full charge it stays charged up all day long. I really love how small and compact it is. It vaporizes my herbs completely and does not leave much behind that is hard to clean out or makes me feel like I have wasted it. The ceramic heating chamber helps prevent the Kind Pen Bullet from "eating" the herbs which I think is really neat and definitely saves me a lot of time and money.
Would recommend - Review by Brian C.
This KindPen Bullet unit is one that I would recommend to anyone.
Overall an excellent vape - Review by Marisa J.
This Kind Pen Dream is overall an excellent vape and my new favorite.
Sturdy build - Review by Lyle V.
The Kind Pen V2 is a really convenient and easy to use dab and dry herb pen that I use daily ever since I purchased it. This tool is great for taking with me on the go since it has a really sturdy build and a slim and compact design.
Stealthy - Review by Griselda J.
Since Kindpen Dream is similar in size to a standard cigarette, it doesn't really draw attention to me when I use it which is super important to me.
Smooth throat hits - Review by Leonard S.
The vapor Kind Pen Essential produces is also nice and pleasant and does not burn my throat.
Clouds are potent - Review by Mario B.
The Kind Pen V2 flavor is great and the clouds are potent but they do not smell like I am vaping anything, so it's great to take in public.
Really smooth vapor - Review by Raul R.
The Kind Pen Bullet is a really compact little vaporizer that works just as it is advertised. I love the vaping process although the battery life leaves something to be desired. It offers really smooth vapor, though, and does not waste my herb which is very important.
Decent flavor - Review by Hazel J.
Bullet vape gives off decent flavor, but does not have any smell, making it great for taking with me out in public to vape.
Really easy to load and to use - Review by Jose A.
The Kind Pen Essential is a great vape for those who are just getting used to the vape scene and don't really want something they have to mess around with too much. It chooses the temperature setting for you and is really easy to load and to use. Cleaning is also simple. It hits pretty well and has a low draw resistance.
Great case - Review by Paula R.
The Kind Pen Essential battery life is decent, and I love that it comes with a case because this is the vape that I take with me most frequently when I travel.
Recommended - Review by Christopher M.
I recommend the Kind Pen Bullet to everyone who is considering it.
Good clouds and excellent flavor - Review by Amanda J.
The Kind Pen Dream has really great coils and the ceramic Halo is my favorite. It gives me good clouds and excellent flavor. I love that this pen is so easy to put together and to use as well as its ability to be cleaned with ease. There is no battery life indicator but the battery life itself is outstanding so I do not really mind that.
Sturdy vape pen - Review by Cortez A.
The Kind Pen Essential is a sturdy vape pen that outperforms what I expected because of its size. This pen has a nice temperature setting that appears to have been optimized for use with my materials as they vape up evenly and quickly.
Stainless steel dab tool - Review by Michael M.
Kind Pen V2 even includes its own stainless steel dab tool so that I did not have to find one of my own.
Battery life is decent - Review by Maggie J.
The Kindpen Dream battery life is decent, but it does not take long to charge.
Totally leak free - Review by Tom M.
I bought the Kind Pen Dream recently and so far it is totally leak free which is pretty huge to me as a lot of the other ones I have tried definitely are not. I love the magnetic pieces and the way that the Kind Pen Dream feels in your hand.
Vapor is warm - Review by John B.
The Kind Pen V2 vapor is warm but it is not uncomfortably warm.
Easy to navigate - Review by Carolyn B.
The Kind Pen V2 works just as advertised and is easy to navigate. It comes with a battery that seems to last a really long time and it is easy to charge using the cable that comes with it when it does need a charge. It has a really smooth and sleek exterior and is easy to hold in the hand. The draw resistance is kind of high and does not feel that natural when I hit it but I still get nice smooth draws when I do.
Outstanding - Review by Maria A.
I could not be happier with the Kind Pen Dream.
No battery life indicator - Review by Danny S.
The only thing that I don't like about Kindpen Dream is that there is no battery life indicator, but that is my only complaint.
KindPen V2 all-in-one vape - Review by Weeds K.
The Kind Pen V2 offers really great flavor and vapor that does not burn my throat which is excellent. The battery snaps into place and is ready to use in only seconds. When it is in use, it takes no time at all to charge and then lasts for many sessions to come. The Kind Pen V2 lets me use oils, waxes and herbs no matter how I want to vape that day which makes it a really convenient all-in-one vape.
Travel friendly - Review by Jason A.
The Kind Pen Bullet works great and is perfect for using as a personal vape that is not being shared. I love this vape and use it most commonly. I love how easy it is to load my material into it and it does not take long at all to clean. It is travel friendly which is good because I am always moving and doing something and the battery life outshines all of the rest.
Really durable - Review by Natalia J.
The Kind Pen Dream is really durable and works as well as a lot of reviews and product descriptions state.
Feels wasteful - Review by Christine H.
Essential vaporizes a little too hot, I think, because the actual vape itself gets a little warm to the touch but it does not burn you or anything. It uses up the material pretty evenly although sometimes it can use it up a little too much so that it sort of feels wasteful.
Easy to use - Review by Jeffrey E.
The magnetic pieces of the Kind Pen Dream really make it stand out. It is so easy to use and it is even easy to clean which is a huge driving factor for me when deciding if I like a vape or not.
Cant vape while plugged in - Review by Edmund G.
The only thing that I think Dream vaporizer is lacking is the lack of battery power and the ability to vape it while it is plugged in. Other than that I love it.
Excellent - Review by Aurelia P.
This Kind Pen Dream is excellent and is one of the highest quality ones I have ever tried--and I have virtually tried them all.
Looks great - Review by Jerry B.
The Kind Pen Essential looks great and feels nice and natural in the hand. It is very well made and even though it is cheap, it does not feel like it is cheaply made.
Excellent starter pen - Review by Charles V.
The only complaint that I have is I wish KindPen V2 could fit more into it. This is only because I like to vape with my friends a lot of the time and the Kind Pen V2 does not really allow me to do this. Otherwise the Kind Pen V2 is an excellent starter pen for those just beginning to vape.
Heats up really fast - Review by Tara R.
I just recently picked up the Kind Pen Bullet and I love it. I will never go back to smoking again. It heats up really fast and does not take any time to get used to at all. I like that I can use it really quickly and not have to mess around with it too much when I am out in public because that is really difficult to do. This is just an overall great vaporizer that I have already used again and again with no problems arising.
Great taste - Review by Merlin B.
I really love the way that these Kind Pen Essential vaporizers are the size of a cigarette because it makes it easier for me to conceal them when it public. I have also yet to experience them burning anything I put inside of them. They come in a nice little case which is nice for when I travel with them which I do a lot. The Kind Pen Essential offers really great taste and the smell is minimal which is something that is important to me. The instructions that come with the Kind Pen Essential are not very clear however.
The best vape pen - Review by Christine D.
The Kind Pen Dream is the best vape pen that I have ever used. It is really high quality in its construction and is a generally good vape in terms of vapor quality. I think that it is definitely worth the price and I would buy the Kind Pen Dream again.
Saves money - Review by Vickie P.
It doesn't seem like it wastes much of my material either which is really important to me.
Really smooth - Review by Edmund C.
The Kind Pen Dream is really smooth and doesn't hurt my throat at all. It is not scratchy and hot like a lot of other vapes for wax that I have tried.
Great vaporizer pen - Review by Jacqueline L.
The Kind Pen V2 is a really great vaporizer pen that is simple to use. I like how easy it is to clean as well. This is my favorite vaporizer that I have used and my friends love it too.
Wonderful tool - Review by Dabs
The Kind Pen Bullet is a wonderful tool for all of my needs and I would definitely buy this vaporizer again if I had to.
Works very well - Review by Aaron W.
Nothing beats the KindPen Dream, not at this price! One of the smallest and inexpensive pens out there, I bought this without looking for any reviews or videos and I don’t regret it. Might buy a second one for spare in case this one falls apart as I use it daily.
Does what it needs to do - Review by Scott K
Slim is a very simple Oil pen, helps me smoke less and kick the habit. I would suggest this for a beginner, if you are interested in a simple oil vape pen, this will do the trick.

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