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Hookah History: WaterPipe, Narghile, Arghila, & Shisha

Hookah history and origin of oldest form of smoking banner

water pipe hookah being smoked by a girl

More than 500 years ago, individuals in India, Turkey and Egypt first developed and expanded their shared passion for conversation and hookah pipes. Over the course of the last two decades, the use of hookah pipes in the Western world has grown tremendously, with many people now preferring hookah pipes over traditional cigarettes for recreational smoking. The vast majority of individuals making the transition from traditional or early-phase electronic cigarettes have discovered just how entertaining and satisfying the hookah can be! For those who may not have heard the term "hookah" recently, it's important to remember that these products are widely considered to be one of the most important and popular tobacco consumption tools around the world!

What is a Hookah?

Hookah water pipe is smoke by a girl on the beach

A hookah, or, more recently, a hookah pen or shisha pen, is a type of water pipe that is used to smoke a sticky, moistened tobacco known as 'shisha'. Traditionally, shisha is placed into a bowl with burning charcoal, which heats up the damp tobacco and produces smoke. Users inhale these aromatic vapors through a mouthpiece that is attached to the hookah using a long tube. During the inhalation process, the smoke produced in the hookah is passed through a water chamber, which then removes the heat. This cools the smoke to a suitable temperature that is comfortable for users.

The hookah was first conceived of in the early 1600's by Hakim Abdul Fath, a noted physician and smoking enthusiast who believed that the process of heating damp tobacco inside of the hookah would eliminate the latent health risks of smoking.

Exploring the Benefits of Hookah

There are several reasons why so many people now prefer the hookah pipe in place of traditional tobacco cigarettes. These include:

Hookahs next to each other in purple, blue and mix green color on a white background
  1. Increased Comfort - Many people find the cooler temperatures of the smoke produced by the hookah to be soothing and less hard on the lungs when compared to traditional cigarettes.
  2. Better Smell - Passing the hookah's smoke through the on-board water chamber reduces the strength of unpleasant odors that are commonly associated with cigarette smoke. In fact, many experts consider the hookah to be the best choice for those looking to remove unwanted smells during the smoking process.
  3. An Increased Variety of Tastes and Flavors - In addition to traditional tobacco-flavored shisha, users can discover a wide variety of unique tastes, including sweet, fruity and floral varieties, all of which are available at
  4. More Smoke - The hookah generally produces more smoke during use than a traditional cigarette, which some people may find visually appealing.
  5. More Pleasant In Social Situations - Many hookahs are designed for multiple users, making it possible for friends and family to gather around the water pipe and enjoy this exquisite sensory experience together.

hookah being exhaled by a pretty model on a red background

What You Should Know About Hookah

While there are several distinct advantages to smoking a hookah pipe instead of traditional cigarettes, it is important to understand that, regardless of which method is used, individuals are still engaging in a potentially harmful act. Unfortunately, the water filtration system onboard the hookah does not remove the carcinogens and toxins commonly found in smoke. Therefore, hookah use carries with it the same health risks as smoking traditional cigarettes, see vaping vs smoking for more information. Hookah pipes are also designed for fixed, stationary use, so you will generally only be able to enjoy the habit at home, in a hookah lounge or bar.

Should You Be Using an E-Hookah or electronic cigarettes?

Recently, a new alternative to the traditional hookah has arrived on the market - the e-hookah. This type of hookah pipe is very similar to the traditional product, except for the fact that it features an innovative electronic bowl. The use of the electronic bowl results in:

All different types Hookah Pens, Shisha Pens, eCigs and other Vapor Pens
  1. No Smoke - The hookah e-cig produces vapor, not smoke. As a result, it does not expose users to the tar and carcinogens commonly associated with traditional smoking.
  2. Less Maintenance - E-hookahs and hookah e-cigs are much easier to maintain than a traditional hookah vaporizer, largely due to the fact that they do not produce smoke or other impurities.
  3. Fire-Free Use - The electronic bowl eliminates the need to light charcoal during use.
  4. Increased portability - An e-hookah is battery-operated and typically small enough to use on the go.

That being said, the slightly elevated price of electronic hookahs and hookah e-cig products may discourage those who are looking for a great deal on their next vape.

Interested in learning more about our hookah and hookah e-cig products? At, our trained experts can introduce you to any one of our popular electronic cigarette products. With some of the best prices available in the business today, we're confident that you will be ready to purchase and enjoy a brand new vaporizer after your time with us! We can't wait to hear from you, contact us!

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