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AirVape Vaporizer Review: Pros & Cons of the Portable Vaporizer

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The AirVape Portable Vaporizer is a newer style of herbal vaporizer that is considered a portable vape rather than a dry herb vape pen because of its rectangular shape. While not as well known as some other herb vaporizer models, the AirVape vaporizer does have some nice features, which we'll uncover in this Air Vape vaporizer review. To watch videos Click Here.

Air Vape Vaporizer for Dry Herb

The Basics of the AirVape Portable Vaporizer

- Price - what stands out most about the Air Vape Portable Vaporizer is that it sells for less than $170 at most retailers. While this is more expensive than some dry herb vaporizer pen models, it's very economical compared to most herb vaporizer portables.

- Vapor Quality - in terms of vapor quality, the AirVape Portable Vaporizer is above average overall. There is a screen built into the vaporizer to keep fine particulates from ending up in the vapor. You can enjoy large vapor clouds with the unit, and the vapor potency is average to above average. At the beginning of the session, you'll get very smooth, flavorful vapor that is comparable to the best herbal vaporizer portables and dry herb pen vaporizer products, but the vapor quality does tend to decline during a session. Still, you won't end up with combusted herbs like you will with many dry herb vapor pen models, and the unit is also more efficient than most vape pen and portable vaporizers.

AirVape Herbal Vaporizer sized compared to Mobile Phone

- Guarantee the AirVape vaporizer has a lifetime guarantee, which is considerably longer than nearly all vaporizer pen and portable vaporizer units.

- Prep Time - as a convection vaporizer that heats herbs by warming them up with heated air, the AirVape Portable Vaporizer does take a little longer to heat up than some vaporizer pen units and portable vapes. Still, you can have the vape ready to go in about 45 seconds, and it's very easy to fill.

- Portability - naturally, the Air Vape Portable Vaporizer is larger than a typical vaporizer pen dry herb model; however, this portable is more compact than many other portables. It is very thin, so you should have an easy time fitting it into your pockets.

- Ease of Use - with just two parts that are very easy to fit together and take apart, the AirVape Portable Vaporizer is very straightforward. The unit has average draw assistance, so most people can use it with ease.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - in terms of flexibility, the AirVape Vaporizer Weed excels. It has an LCD screen that accurately sets temperatures and allows you to decide the precise degree that you wish to set the vape to. As a convection vaporizer, the model does run a little cool, but this decreases the risk of combustion. The only real drawback with this vape's design is that the screen can be difficult to see when you're outdoors or in a bright room.

- Power Supply - on a full charge, the AirVape Portable Vaporizer can be used for about 1 hour of continuous vaping, which is pretty average.

Vape Rating: 4.0/5 based on 17 review(s)

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Pros of the Basics of the AirVape Portable Vaporizer

AirVape Herb Vaporizer all Colors Side by Side
  • Very inexpensive vaporizer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Simple to fill
  • Highly efficient
  • Precise temperature controls
  • Good vapor quality for the price

Cons of the Basics of the AirVape Portable Vaporizer

  • Vapor does begin to run hot by the end of a session
  • LCD screen is not always easy to see

If you're looking for a portable vaporizer that won't cost you a fortune to purchase and that will give you a good vaping experience, the AirVape Portable Vaporizer is a great option.

AirVape Portable Herbal Vaporizer Information and Reviews

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