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Life Saber Vaporizer Review – 7th Floor Vaporizer Pros and Cons

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LSV vaporizer by 7th Floor in black, red, purple, blue and silver

From the makers of the Silver Surfer and the Da Buddha vapes comes the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer, a plug-in handheld vaporizer for dry herbs. The design makes this personal vaporizer something of a cross between a traditional desktop vape and a portable vaporizer, so it's a good option for someone who wants to be able to kick back and relax, while enjoying the vapor production efficiency that comes with a desktop vape design. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of the LSV, and to find out about some of the downsides to choosing this hand-held vaporizer.

Basics of the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer

  • Price - Prices on the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer can vary, but most stores sell it for around $190 to $220, making it very affordable when compared to other plug-in hand held vaporizer options.

  • Life Saber Vaporizer inside the carrying case
  • Reputation - The LSV is known for producing great-tasting vapor that is free of impurities. The quality of the vapor produced by the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer is due largely to the fact that this herbal vaporizer has an all glass vapor pathway.

  • Guarantee - 7th Floor warranties the LSV for 3 years, but it's important to note that only the heating element and the electronics are covered by the warranty, which is about the same as what's offered on plug-in handheld vaporizers that are sold for higher prices. All of the fragile glass components are not backed by a warranty, and they can break if you don't handle the herbal vaporizer with care.

  • Prep Time - After you have turned on the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer, the unit can reach operating temperature in under 3 minutes, making it a very fast model. Many people like that you can take large draws from the hand-held vaporizer right away, rather than having to prime the vape with the first one or two draws. The herbal vaporizer is fairly easy to load.

  • Silver Life Saber Vaporizer shown with the power coard
  • Portability and Size - In pictures, the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer looks rather small, but in actuality it is 9 inches long. Although it's not a very compact vaporizer, it is still very light in weight and can be handy for using on the go, provided you take steps to protect it from damage.

  • Ease of Use - The wand attachment on the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer fits tightly and will stay in place with every draw. There is little to no learning curve for getting thick clouds of vapor from the LSV; however, you will have to stop and stir your vaping materials frequently in order to ensure that they vaporize completely. See here for Life Saber Vaporizer Guide.

  • Heating and Temperature Regulators - The LSV has a very powerful ceramic heating element. In fact, the vaporizer is so powerful that it can combust herbs if you're not careful. Keeping the heat setting low and stirring frequently can cut down on the risk. The temperature is adjustable, but the dial does not have markers. This can make it challenging to get the handheld vaporizer to the ideal heat level for each session.
Life Saber Vaporizer with a wand

Pros of the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer

  1. Great tasting vapor with no impurities
  2. All glass vapor pathway
  3. Economically priced
  4. Produces large amounts of vapor right away
Life Saber Vaporizer showing heating chamber

Cons of the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer

  1. Glass components can break, so you need to handle the LSV carefully
  2. No numbers on the analog dial
  3. Can heat herbs unevenly or cause combustion, making it important that you stir frequently

Tips for Using the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer

  1. When you first turn on the LSV, put the temperature to the highest setting until it heats up. Then, turn it down to your desired temperature.
  2. The Life Saber vape has a tendency to run a little hot. It is a good idea to turn the heat down lower than you anticipate needing it to be until you have tested the dry herb vaporizer with your blend. Ideally, the ceramic heating element should be light orange in color.
  3. Fill the wand about halfway with your herbs for the best results.
  4. Due to how fragile the LSV is, it's recommended that you store it and transport it inside of the included padded vape case. Also, use caution when cleaning, and never force the wand into the heating chamber.

Life Saber Vaporizer Review Video

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