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Electronic Cigarette & eCig
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Electronic Cigarette & eCig

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Electronic Cigarette & eCig

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Have you been considering the use of an Electric Cigarette to help you quit smoking? Many people today are switching from tobacco cigarettes to either an e cigarette, or vape mods, and VaporPlants is the place to find the perfect hookah pen to make the change yourself.

What is a Vape and hookah pen?

Vape eLiquid bottles for vaping

An ecig, e cigar, or e hookah is a pen-shaped device that is used to vape fluid called e-juice, or e-liquid. The eliquid electronic cigarette consists of a mouthpiece, an area that you fill with e cig oil, and a battery. When you hold down the button on the e cigarette pen, the vape battery provides power to warm up a heating element. The heating element then heats the e cigarette oil until it reaches its point of vaporization. Then, it gives off a vapor that you can inhale through the mouthpiece. Most vaping liquid contains nicotine, allowing an electronic ecig or mechanical mods to serve as a substitute for smoking cigarettes.

Standard e Pen versus Multifunction e Pen

When you're shopping for an electronic cigarette or vape mods, you can purchase a model that is strictly an ejuice vape that can only be used to vape vaporizer mods liquid, or a multifunction e cig vaporizer pen. Multifunction e cigarette models can be used to vape e cig oils and one or more other materials, such as dry tobacco, dry herbs, or waxy medicinal concentrates.

Atomizers vs Cartomizers vs Clearomizers

As you shop for ecigarettes, you'll find that there are three types of heating chambers or tanks used in their designs:

Atomizers vs Cartomizers vs Clearomizers

1. Atomizers. hookah pen with atomizers feature a heating coil surrounded by metal mesh. With an atomizer, you can drip vaping liquid directly onto your vape to control the amount of vapor produced. Atomizers are usually the least expensive option, and they are very easy to refill. The downside is that you will need to refill an atomizer eliquid box mod vape frequently with e juice.

2. Cartomizers. A cartomizer has much the same build as an atomizer except it includes a tank over the heating coil, and contains a polyfill material that absorbs e hookah juice. With cartomizer e cig pens, you don't have to refill your cigarette vaporizer pen as often; however, the tanks can wear out quickly and can retain the taste of vape pen e- liquid when you switch flavors.

3. Clearomizers. A clearomizer consists of a clear tank, a heating coil, and a wick that delivers e liquid to the heating element. Most people consider the clearomizer to be the best e hookah pen part because it is efficient, durable, and capable of holding a large amount of e liquid. Typically, a clearomizer vape mod is more expensive than other types of liquid e vape.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Liquid Vape

When you're shopping for an e cigarette vape box, or best vape mods, you may want to consider the following features:

Vape next to e cigarette, vape mods, box mod, e cigs and box mod vape

- Battery Life. The length of the vape pen battery life will determine how long you can use your e cig mods before you need to recharge it.

- Size. E cigarette vape pen models vary in size. Smaller models may be easier to carry, but they also usually hold less eliquid and have shorter battery lives.

- Appearance. Some brands offer oil pens in a variety of styles. For example, many Atmos e Hookah pens come in a rainbow of colors to suit every taste.

- Charging Options. Most vapor pens for eliquid can be charged via USB. Some also either come with adapters for charging in a car or wall outlet or have accessories available for purchase separately that allow you to charge in other ways.

- Indicator Lights. Some electronic cigarettes feature colored lights that let you know when the vape pen battery needs to be charged, how much battery life remains, how hot the vape is, and more.

Whether you have questions about a vape, such as e cigarette, vape mods, box mod, mechanical mod models or need help deciding which vape pen juice to use, you can count on our team here at VaporPlants.com to assist you. We can explain the features of each e cig mods, help you decide between vape mods, recommend vapor oil products, and more. Contact us today for help with our vape collection. You can also check out our vaporizer reviews and articles to learn more about the hookah pens that we carry.

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