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Pinnacle Vaporizer
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Pinnacle Vaporizer

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Pinnacle Vaporizer

Conveniently vaping wherever you go doesn't have to be settling for second best when it comes to efficiency. VaporBlunt is a brand of portable vapes, which includes Pinnacle line which features ultra efficient designs that set them apart from other vaporizers and make them the choice for many discriminating vapor enthusiasts. Premium, powerful lithium ion batteries keep Pinnacle vaporizers delivering large clouds of pure, flavorful vapor for hours. Comfortable mouthpieces ensure an easy draw, and the powerful heating elements reach working temperature in 90 seconds or less for on-demand vapor production. With the optional HydroTube attachment, Pinnacle takes vaping to the next level, adding the cooling, pleasing experience of using a water pipe to already a compact design. The Pinnacle collection contains two highly efficient models to meet your needs. Choose the Classic - an economical model, that is ready to travel or the top-of-the-line dry herb and wax Pinnacle Pro to expand your on-the-go vaping possibilities.

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