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  • Mighty Vaporizer Accessories and Parts
  • Mighty vaporizer parts set
  • Mighty vaporizer mesh for wax set
  • Mighty vaporizer screens set
  • Mighty vaporizer mouthpiece set
  • Mighty vaporizer rubber rings set
  • Mighty vaporizer herb grinder
  • Mighty vaporizer stirring tool set
  • Mighty vaporizer mouthpiece top set
  • Mighty vaporizer wall charger
  • Mighty vaporizer car charger
  • Mighty vaporizer replacement heat cover

Mighty Vaporizer Accessories & Parts

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- Original Parts by Storz and Bickel for Mighty Vaporizer

Availability: In stock


The Mighty is a powerful unit that can be made even better with just the simple addition of some Mighty vaporizer accessories. There is a wide selection of them offered by Storz & Bickel, coming straight from the manufacturer of this vape to ensure compatibility and quality. It begins with a 110-volt power adapter for use in charging the Mighty, and goes so far as to include a 12-volt car charger as well for charging your Mighty vape while on the go.

The Mighty cooling unit is a device that allows you to cool your vapor down as you inhale it, lending you a much more pleasant experience than you might get from vaping straight from the unit itself. Buy one, or buy a set of 3. With these units, you can also purchase additional 4 mouthpieces designed to make your session even more comfortable, and so you can keep replacement parts on hand. There is also a Mighty wear and tear set for the cooling unit(s) to help you to keep it in the best shape possible to increase its longevity.

Alongside accessories offered above, you can also get replacement Mighty vaporizer parts such as sealing rings, differing sizes and textures of mesh screens, a liquid pad set for using concentrates in your Storz and Bickel device, a set of 30 lip pieces, and two separate tools to help you fill your vape more easily and efficiently every time.

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Mighty Vaporizer Accessories & Parts. Buy any of the Mighty Vaporizer Accessories and Replacement Parts right here! Use VP10 Coupon Code at Checkout and SAVE! Maintenance is necessary for any electronic device, especially high end vaporizers, get the vapor you are used to! 10off

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  • Brand: Storz and Bickel
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Brand Storz and Bickel
Product Type Vaporizer Accessories
Compatible With Dry Herbs, Concentrated Oils and Wax, Oil liquid
Portability Handheld; Cordless (Portable)
Number of Users One person or Small Group
Power Source Rechargeable Battery
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