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  • Vapir Rise 2.0 Vaporizer for Dry Herb, Wax, Oil
  • VapirRise 2.0 with Tip
  • VapirRise 2.0 with Multiple Tube Set Up
  • VapirRise 2.0 with All Accessories
  • VapirRise 2.0 Chamber
  • VapirRise 2.0 with Inflated Bag
  • VapirRise 2.0 with Water Attachment and Whip
  • VapirRise 2.0 with Water Attachment
  • VapirRise 2.0 with Water Attachment and Long Whip

Vapir Rise 2.0 Vaporizer for Dry Herb, Wax, Oil

Availability: In stock

  • - Vapir Rise 2.0 - NEWEST Version
  • - Various Temperature Settings
  • - Ready in just 1 Minute
  • - 1 Complete VapirRise 2.0 Kit
  • - Dual-Function - Whip & Balloon System
  • - Precise Temperature Controls
  • - Digital Screen & Manual

Availability: In stock

$239.00 Vaporizer Review Icon

While you can purchase accessories to expand the functionality of many desktop vaporizers, few models come ready to do it all right out of the box. The Vapir Rise 2.0 Vaporizer is the rare exception that comes with all of the parts and accessories needed to enjoy vaping in numerous ways.

The newest version of VapirRise is a multi-function desktop device that can be used as a dry herb vaporizer with aromatic blends as well as with waxy concentrates, essential oils formulas. The necessary herb and oil heating chambers are already included, so you don't need to purchase extra accessories to enjoy any of the vaping possibilities. If your friends bring along their own whips, up to four of you can enjoy the vapor production at once with the included multi-user adapter.

Dual Vaporizer Construction

Whatever it is you're vaping, the Vapir Rise will give you the ability to draw in three different ways. You can use the included whip for a traditional direct draw or turn on the fan to get the benefits of forced air to make it easier to pull air through the mouthpiece. This Vapir vaporizer also can act as a balloon vape and comes with three valve-less bags to get you started. The device is built from the absolute best food-grade parts and features some parts not found in other vaporizer designs. One example is the replaceable HEPA filter, which has the ability to remove up to 99.9 percent of all fine particulates and contaminants from vapor.

Vapir Rise 2.0 for Dry Herbs, Waxes and Oils Information

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Vapir Rise 2.0 Vaporizer for Dry Herb, Wax, Oil. - Vapir Rise 2.0 - NEWEST Version - Various Temperature Settings - Ready in just 1 Minute - 1 Complete VapirRise 2.0 Kit - Dual-Function - Whip & Balloon System - Precise Temperature Controls - Digital Screen & Manual

Rating: 4.7/5 based on 7 review(s)
  • Price: $239.00 - In stock
Package Includes:

VapirRise 2.0 Kit Contents:

  • 1 x VapirRise 2.0 Vaporizer
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Blend Chamber
  • 1 x Oil Chamber
  • 1 x Chamber Adapter
  • 1 x Balloon Adapter
  • 1 x Inhalation Adapter
  • 1 x Hot Chamber Grabber
  • 3 x Inflatable Vaporizer Balloon Bags
  • 1 x Balloon Clamp
  • 2 x HEPA Air Filters
  • 2 x Large Mesh Screens
  • 2 x Small Mesh Screens
  • 2 x Silicone Tubing (40 in)
  • 1 x X-Tip Clear Mouthpiece
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Quick-Start Guide
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Brand/Manufacturer Vapir
Product Type Desktop Vaporizer
Warranty Info 1-Year Warranty - Heating Element
Compatible With Dry Herbs, Concentrated Oils and Wax, Oil liquid
Portability Desktop; Home Use
Heat-up Time 60 seconds
Vaporizer Type Dual (Balloon + Whip)
Number of Users One Person or Large Group Sessions
Power Source Electrical Wall Outlet
Delivery Method Balloon Bag
Voltage 110v
Package Length (in inches) 10.00 in.
Package Width (in inches) 7.00 in.
Package Height (in inches) 7.00 in.
Package Weight in Pounds 3.0000
Cool vapor - Review by Jacqueline C.
I have to say that it is good to see a well-made vape for a decent price. The bag system is awesome and I love that it hits as easy as it does. The vapor is nice and cool by the time I inhale it.
Really easy to use - Review by Moshe T.
The Vapir Rise Vaporizer is my second vaporizer and the price is definitely fair for what it can do. I have had it for a few weeks and it works like a champ. I have never used any other desktop vape quite like this. The Vapir Rise Vaporizer has yet to give up on me and can go for as long as I want it to. I use it a few times a day. Turning off the fan is not an issue because it can reheat so fast that it does not matter. The temperature does fluctuate a bit, but it will always right itself. It is really easy to use and only took my around 20 minutes to figure out what was going on. I recommend it to everyone.
Smooth as butter - Review by Rachel D.
I have used the Vapir Rise Vaporizer for a few months now and I must say that I am impressed. I like to play with the temperature and the fan speed to get the kind of vapor that I am hoping for. I like that I don't cough my lungs out like I do with other vapes.
Very durably built - Review by Bianca P.
The Vapir Rise Vaporizer is my new favorite vape. It is so easy to use and to clean. The Vapir Rise Vaporizer heats up really quickly and is always ready to go when I am. The vapor is incredibly smooth and rich. It is really thick and potent and does the job through its tremendous clouds. The Vapir Rise is very durably built and feels like it will last me for many years. I love it and don't know what I ever did without it.
Taste is super nice - Review by Nadine J.
I am really pleased with the Vapir Rise Vaporizer. I have only had it a few days but it has quickly surpassed all of my other vaporizers. The taste is super nice and the low aroma is good since my roommates do not vape or smoke, and I try to be polite.
Super easy to use - Review by Eileen L.
The Vapir Rise Vaporizer is super easy to use right out of the box. I love the quality of this vape and how well made it feels. I recommend it to anyone. A few things I want to mention is that the bag is really thin and sort of has a weird taste to it. The herb sometimes looks as if it is not heated properly but I just have to stir it thoroughly and it usually does the trick. That's it--the rest of the Vapir Rise Vaporizer is outstanding.
I am in love - Review by Jo W.
This is the first desktop vape I bought for myself and I am in love. I can use it on my own or share with friends without running out of herb. It heats up fast and has a great sized chamber.

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