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VaporX XRT or XLT Vape Pen for Wax, Oil

Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

  • - VaporX for Wax or Oil
  • - Optimal Temperature Settings
  • - Ready in 5-30 seconds
  • - Comes with 1 VaporX Vaporizer
  • - USB Charger and Accessories
  • - Dabbing Tool & Manual

Want to take your vaping on the go to the next level? With the VaporX Vaporizer, you can go to extremes and experience your favorite wax and oil products like never before. These units provide superior results and are packed with features that set apart from all other vaporizer pens for oils and liquids.


  • VaporX XLT Info

  • VaporX XRT Info
  • VaporX XLT

    VaporX XLT Vaporizer all Colors

    Enjoy essential oils, oil formulas and oil products wherever you go with the VaporX XLT Vaporizer. This ultra efficient oil pen delivers thick, tasty vapor with every draw and makes vaping an easy, comfortable experience. In just 5 seconds, the unit is ready to go, and it's so compact that you can stash right in your pocket.

    Ultra Efficient Oil Tank

    Designed for maximum performance in a pocket vaporizer size, the VaporX XLT Vaporizer features a very efficient oil tank. VaporX does not include a wick in the essential oil tank, giving it greater longevity than the tanks found in other vaporizer pens. Eliminating the wick also improves the efficiency of this model. You'll get vapor in a steady stream up until the tank is empty. The easy-fill design lets you juice up quickly, so you can get to vaping in record time.

    Powerful Vape Pen Battery

    The VaporX XLT features a long-lasting battery that can provide hours of continuous power to the oil vaporizer pen. When you need to recharge, you get the flexibility of having both wall and USB vape pen battery charger options without having to purchase extra vaporizer accessories. The battery features 510 threading, making it possible to mix and match it with other vape parts to create mech mods.

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    VaporX XRT

    VaporX XRT Vaporizer all Colors

    Enjoying oily waxes or concentrates the go doesn't mean having to buy 2 different units, nor does it have to mean settling for a multifunction vape pen with lackluster performance. With the VaporX XRT Vaporizer, you get the features of pen for wax and oils in one convenient pocket vaporizer design.

    Well Constructed Vaporizer Parts

    The VaporX XRT Vaporizer features some of the finest vape parts that you'll find in vaporizer pens of this price range. Its rubber mouthpiece is durable, yet incredibly comfortable to ensure your vaping satisfaction. The oil dish is optimized to help waxes vaporize as efficiently as possible.

    No Screens, No Springs

    The portable vaporizer pen does not contain springs that can fall out or become lost. It's also free of screens, so there are no components to regularly replace. You even get a vaporizer cleaning tool to help keep the Vapor X pen in great condition.

    Ultra Smart VaporX XRT Battery

    The VaporX XRT Vaporizer has a sophisticated battery that is compact, yet powerful. Its continuous press technology allows it to steadily supply power without overheating. Outfitted with 510 threading for vape mods, the battery is equipped with an indicator light that lets you monitor the amount of power left. A safety lock conserves power, and both USB and wall vaporizer battery chargers are included.

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    VaporX XRT or XLT Vape Pen for Wax, Oil. VaporX XLT and XRT are cheap vaporizers, and a great choice for those who are new to vaping. You can even use the components of the vapes to make your own mods! Packed with features that set apart from all other vaporizer pens for oils and liquids!

    Rating: 4.5/5 based on 21 review(s)
    • Price: $29.00 - Out of Stock
    • Brand: VaporX
    Package Includes:

    XLT Kit Contents:

    • 1 x XLT Oil Vaporizer
    • 1 x 650mAh 601 Lithium-Ion Battery
    • 1 x Oil Heating Cartridge
    • 1 x USB Wall Adapter
    • 1 x USB Charger
    • 1 x User Manual


    XRT Kit Contents:

    • 1 x XRT Wax & Oil Vaporizer
    • 1 x 650mAh 601 Lithium-Ion Battery
    • 1 x Heating Chamber
    • 1 x Oil Heating Cartridge
    • 1 x Loading Tool
    • 1 x USB Charger
    • 1 x User Manual
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    Brand VaporX
    Product Type Vape Pen
    Warranty Info Limited 30 Day Warranty
    Compatible With Concentrated Oils and Wax, Oil liquid
    Portability Discreet Pocket Size; On-the-Go (Portable)
    Heat-up Time 5 seconds
    Number of Users Personal Use - One Hitter Style
    Power Source Rechargeable Battery
    Delivery Method Direct Draw
    Voltage 110v
    Durable - Review by Jane A.
    I love that the VaporX XRT is slender yet big enough where it is comfortable in my hand and does not weigh my hand down while still feeling solid, durable and nicely built to last me for years. It does not take a long time to heat up. In fact, it only takes a few seconds, probably less than thirty.
    Great overall - Review by Julio M.
    All of the vape styles feel the same as the next one, making it a great vape for those who want a consistent vapor to come through no matter if they are using their dry herbs or their concentrates. The battery is very good if not great overall and I would give the VaporX Exponent a 10 out of 10 rating.
    Amazing - Review by Sandra R.
    The VaporX Exponent is a great vape that is a three in one style device and that is something that can go one way or the other.
    Great stuff - Review by Thomas I.
    I like that VaporX XLT has a single button to use instead of having to play around with the temperatures to find the right one; whichever one they have it set at currently is good.
    Comfortable vapor - Review by Angela A.
    I love the rubber mouthpiece because it diffuses some of the heat that comes off of the atomizer in a way that makes the vapor cool and comfortable.
    Super simple - Review by Kathryn D.
    VaporX XLT is an easy to use portable vaporizer that offers a clear tank which makes it simple for you to see what is going on inside. I like that the loading system is super simple as it makes it easier for me to fill it and not have to worry about wasting my oil or causing it to leak out everywhere and maybe hurt the vape. It has a one-button activation that makes it easy for anyone to use, no matter if you are just getting started vaping for the first time or if you are an advanced user.
    Simple to clean - Review by Jerry V.
    I like the Exponent device because it is a three in one with an oil chamber that does not have any wicks in it which I find to be more comfortable to fill and definitely simpler to clean out.
    Outdone my expectations - Review by Jack H.
    I am happy to report that the VaporX Exponent functions in exactly the way that it claims it does. I am able to use both waxes and oils along with herb to get the job done. It is really cheap for a hybrid model and that had me worried at first, but the VaporX Exponent has seriously outdone my expectations. It is sophisticated looking and looks super modern. This VaporX Exponent is definitely something that I have been proud to show off to my friends.
    I love it - Review by Micheal T.
    One of the things that I love about this awesome VaporX Exponent vape is that it can vape three different things at one time. This vaporizer can vape wax, oils and dry herbs whenever I want to vape them.
    Vape feels solid - Review by Camille C.
    Exponent vape only takes a few seconds to begin vaping after I have loaded everything up into the chamber, making this a vaporizer that I can use at any time of the day, able to vape on a whim. The mouthpiece feels solid and so does the rest of the vape so I do not feel nervous about bringing it with me when I take it somewhere outside of my home.
    Great flavor - Review by Cynthia D.
    Th VaporX XRT has a ceramic heating element that is wonderful. This is because it heats up all of my material easily and does not let any of it go to waste. The ceramic also promises great flavor to be produced and it certainly delivers on that promise.
    Easy on my throat - Review by Theresa I.
    It does not hurt my throat like I expected it to.
    Easy vape - Review by Imogene H.
    The battery is decent. It will last most of the day without needing a charge, but I would not call it anything special. The vapor starts to dwindle when the battery starts to die but I guess that is to be expected. It has a single button operation so that it is super simple to use, making it great for beginners as well.
    Great vaporizer - Review by Shane M.
    The VaporX XLT is a great vaporizer for those who are just getting started.
    Optimized vape - Review by William S.
    It has a button that is the only one on the unit and makes it simple for me to use it. I like that I don't have to play around with different temperatures, as the one that the company has set the VaporX XLT to has clearly been optimized in order to provide us with a really great vaping experience.
    Nice rubber mouthpiece - Review by Hazel K.
    The VaporX XRT is an excellent vape, no matter if you are just getting started vaping your materials or have been at it for a while. This vape is really easy to use thanks to its single button operation. It has a really nice battery and will stay charged through a number of different cycles, or at least it has in my opinion and I find myself using it a lot. This vaporizer has a nice rubber mouthpiece that helps to diffuse some of the heat and get the vapor to my lips in a cool and smooth way.
    It does the job - Review by Robert B.
    I also think it is thoughtful that this company has provided a measuring scale on the side of the VaporX XLT so that it is easy to see when everything needs to get refilled. The battery is decently long but even when I need to take it to be charged up it only takes a little bit of time to do so.
    Long lasting battery - Review by Davina B.
    This Exponent vaporizer has a long lasting battery that powers an equally as powerful heating element that gets everything done.
    Really easy - Review by Howard N.
    The VaporX XLT is really easy to use and super easy to clean.
    Super convenient - Review by Ricky P.
    The VaporX XLT is super convenient because it comes with a clear liquid tank that also comes with a measuring scale written right onto it. This lets me keep up with how much I am vaping at a time and lets me know when it is getting low and needs another refill.
    New favorite vape - Review by Christine D.
    The VaporX XRT is a high quality vaporizer that is so far my new favorite vape to use. It is really straightforward and simple thanks to its one button functionality.

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