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What is a bong?

Bongs: they go by many names: water pipes, water tools, water filtration devices, weed pipes, and more. If you use medicinal marijuana or legal marijuana for recreation, you've probably heard one or more of these terms before. But do you know exactly what a bong is, what it does, and why it's used? Read on to learn more about bongs and get the full story.

Bong Water Pipe Basics

A bong is a device that is usually used for inhaling marijuana. Most bongs are made out of glass; however, you can also find plastic and acrylic bongs and custom bongs made out of other materials. Basically, a bong consists of a bowl or holder for marijuana and a stem attached to a mouthpiece. There is also a place inside of the bong to put water.

Water Bong Diagram

Where Bongs Came From

Bongs aren't new inventions, though there is some debate over when and where they originated. Some people believe that bongs were first made in China during the 16th century for smoking tobacco. Others believe that bongs may go back even further in history, all the way back to the 12th century in Africa. Smoking pipes have been found in early Ethiopia and Tanzania to support these beliefs; however, some people argue that the Chinese versions that survived are more similar to the bongs we use today.

How a Bong Works

When a bong is used for smoking marijuana, a lighter flame is held against the cannabis in the holder, and the smoke is drawn through the bong by sucking through the mouthpiece. Before the smoke reaches the mouth, it passes through the water, which acts as a filter. The water removes some fine particulates from the smoke and also reduces its temperature. When the smoke emerges through the mouthpiece, it is cooler and thicker than when it was first produced.

Water Tools and Vaporizer Bubbler

A number of popular vaporizers today have water filtration adapters that are either sold with them as standard accessories or are available for purchase separately. These bubbler attachments allow vapor to pass through water to cool down and thicken, similar to water smoking pipes for marijuana; however, because vapor is generally cleaner than smoke, there are not as many fine particulates removed with a vaporizer bubbler water attachment as there are with a bong. The accessory is more frequently used to enhance enjoyment.

Close up of a Glass Bubbler

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