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Results of a 2007 study suggest that using a cannabis vaporizer may be a safer method of delivery for medical marijuana than smoking pot. Published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the smokeless cannabis study was conducted by a team at the University Of California San Francisco (UCSF). And was headed up by Neal L. Benowitz, Cheryl A. Jay, Stanley B. Shade, Hector Vizoso, and Mary Ellen Kelly.

Premise of the Study

Medical marijuana is increasingly being used to help patients manage symptoms of chronic and acute conditions, and serious diseases like cancer and nerve pain. One of the main reasons why some doctors are hesitant to prescribe pot for patients is due to concerns about the health risks associated with smoking. Many doctors only recommend that medical marijuana be used in conjunction with marijuana vaporizer, due to a belief that vaping does not expose the body to the same toxins found in smoking pot. The UCSF study aimed to put this commonly held notion to the test.

Is Medical Marijuana Vaporizer  Safer Method, Study shows

Details of the UCSF Study:

1. Eighteen patients who were using medical marijuana on a regular basis participated in the study, and were admitted to the General Clinical Research Center, at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center for observation throughout the study.

2. During the 6-day study, patients used medical marijuana on three different days. Each time, a different strain was used, allowing the research team to observe the effects of different concentrations of the psychoactive chemical in cannabis called THC.

3. One half of the group smoked the medical marijuana three times per day, while the other half used a desktop vaporizer to vape the pot at a temperature between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius.

4. After the smoking or vaping sessions, patients were checked for levels of carbon monoxide, a toxin that accumulates in the body due to smoke inhalation. Levels of THC in the blood were also measured.

UCSF Study Found That:

1. Levels of THC present in the blood were equal in the patients who smoked and vaped medical marijuana, indicating that vaporizing is as effective as smoking for delivering the benefits of THC.

2. Participants who smoked the marijuana experienced increases in carbon monoxide levels.

3. Participants who vaped experienced little to no increase in carbon monoxide levels, suggesting that vaping has much less of a potential to be harmful.

4. Participants who used the vaporizer reported a high level of satisfaction from using the device.

Effects of Vaping vs Smoking

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Story Source:

The story above is based on information provided by University of California - San Francisco.

Photo Credit: ucsf.edu

Smoking vs Vaping

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