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You Will Become Mentally Disordered Smoking Marijuana:

There was a movie made in the 1930s called “Reefer Madness”, it probably was one of the most ridiculous movies full of propaganda to have ever hit the cinema. Young people smoking grass and literally going mad! Recent studies have shown there is absolutely no connection between madness and smoking grass! If someone has mental issues, and starts smoking grass, these symptoms could become exacerbated. No one has shown that changes in the brain are connected to smoking grass, people with mental disorders probably already suffered from these conditions before they started smoking marijuana.

Weed Will Harm Your Immune System:

There is still very little evidence, if any, of marijuana's effect on our bodies. Again, more propaganda is popping up, claiming this drug affects your immune system. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

Immune System - People turning away Bacteria

Hemp Is Marijuana:

Wrong! Although hemp and marijuana are derived from the same plant family, they are not the same thing. Hemp is used for creating rope, oils, paper, and clothing.   Hemp does not have THC, which is the element that makes one high. Smoking hemp is not the same thing, so stick with Marijuana.

Does Marijuana Cure Diseases:

Medicinal marijuana has shown great results in treatment of certain illnesses and diseases. That said, it does not cure everything. Seizures are greatly reduced with medicinal marijuana. People suffering from cancer and glaucoma, along with multiple sclerosis have gotten relief from grass. Further research needs to be carried out in order to discover what other medical conditions might be relieved or cured by marijuana.

Prohibition Is a Good Thing:

Those who wish marijuana will remain illegal would love to have you believe this is a good thing. There are European countries that have much looser laws on the use of grass, while the U.S. has much stricter laws. Polls show that on either side of the big pond, the use of marijuana is about the same. Once upon a time, this country thought it was a good idea to have prohibition on alcohol, and we all know how well that worked out!

Legalizing Marijuana:

Studies have shown over and over, that if the federal government and states legalized marijuana, boat loads of money would be saved. Fighting the war on drugs with cartels should not include marijuana. Once out of the hands of these people, marijuana production and sales would become cost efficient to this country, and drive these drug dealers out of the picture.

Legalizing Marijuana Meme

People Who Smoke Pot End up in Rehab:

If you are in a state that bans the use of marijuana, and you are caught, nine times out of ten you will be given the option to go into rehab or go to jail. Well, heck yes! You are going to opt for rehab! If you are someone who smokes marijuana once a week, once a month, etc, you are not in the same category as a crackhead – but you are in rehab!

Farmers Are Using Weed to Fatten up Their Livestock:

I can't imagine animals finding grass to be a sweet little munchie! There are farmers buying into the theory that their livestock will eat more, and become fatter by mixing marijuana into their feed. Mr. Farmer - I think you need to have a few tokes before feeding it to livestock!

Employers Testing Employees for Marijuana:

One, marijuana is not going to show up in a urine test, unlike someone on coke, much past a few hours . So, if you smoked a joint the night before, it's already out of your system by the next day. An ACLU study showed drug testing is in no form beneficial to your employer. It's a waste of money, will not save employers one thin dime, and the results can be inconclusive.

How Long Will You Remain High on Marijuana:

THC stays in your system for approximately 2 to 4 hours, and sometimes up to 6 hours. THC is ideal for drug testing, if done in a short period of time. The chances of THC lasting 6 hours is pretty slim, unless you have have some really potent grass! Suggestion: don't smoke a joint, and then go to work if your employer is anti-grass.

Can I Smoke Weed While Pregnant?

Any drug can cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy. Your baby can suffer low birth weight and other health problems. The same as with alcohol, stay away from bringing drugs into your system while pregnant. There is no research readily available to claim grass is safe! So Don't Do It!

Risks from Smoking

Marijuana Has a Long-Term Effect on Memory:

Marijuana does have a short-term effect on your memory while you are high. There is no proof that any long-term memory loss has been caused by smoking weed. Large-scale use can have a detrimental effect on your learning abilities but that is still short-term.

Weed Will Impede Your Learning Abilities:

Again, short-term memory impairments have been shown to be an issue while smoking marijuana. With considerable use, there might be negative consequences for learning abilities. Subtle/minimal memory loss is has been found in to a small degree in those who smoke regularly. Other drugs and alcohol have a higher threat of memory loss.

Marijuana and Blood Pressure:

It is believed that marijuana actually lowers blood pressure, and , it's a temporary condition. Once again, a little propaganda from the mouths of those who are anti-marijuana.

Can Marijuana Cause Death:

Smoking grass, then driving a vehicle can lead to fatalities. Common sense dictates that you remain clear-headed and in control. Directly, marijuana has not caused deaths. Talk to emergency room staff in a hospital, they will tell you fatalities from car wrecks, and those on marijuana are related to stupid decisions by those getting behind a wheel, and not thinking clearly. The old ad: Don't Drink and Drive – well, you might want to think the same way when smoking marijuana. Consider your overall diminished abilities to analyze road conditions and other drivers’ movements.

Is Edible Marijuana More Potent than Smoking:

Edible Marijuana Cakes

You will not have a more potent reaction eating marijuana vs smoking or vaping, but the effect is longer lasting. If your blood stream has sufficient THC, the effects can last for 10 hours, as it filters through your system. Any foods or drugs ingested directly into your blood system will remain longer vs inhaling it into your lungs. Once in your blood stream, it will also be more easily detected by various tests including urine tests.

Does Marijuana Cause Overall Relaxation:

In many cases, yes marijuana will cause relief from stress, and bring about relaxation. There are people who do not experience the same reaction. Paranoia and anxiety can effect some people when they are high. Not everyone reacts the same way, so don't assume you will feel like you are in a feather bed.

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