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Does Marijuana Cause Low Testosterone and Sperm Counts?

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the propaganda wheels were turning fast and furiously regarding the "bad effects" from marijuana. These are just more inconclusive claims. Research has shown that there are no facts to back up the claim that using marijuana will cause irreversible damage to sperm and testicular functions. Chronic users might see a decrease in testicular functions,  but not on a permanent basis.

Is the Marijuana Plant Safe:

Without a doubt, it is safer than the heavy illegal drugs being sold by cartels. That said, grass is not totally safe anymore than legal drugs are. People have this idea that if it's natural, and grown on this planet, it must be safe. Common sense should warn us that there are herbs and plants that human beings should stay away from. The use of grass, in a controlled amount, has not shown any bad effects, that doesn't mean there aren't people who could have adverse reactions.

Marijuana Cannabis Plant

The U.S. Government and the G-13 Strain:

In the 1960s, there were stories regarding a G-13 strain of grass that was developed by the government. Although there is a G-13 strain, there is absolutely no evidence showing it was grown by our government.

Is the Constitution Written on Hemp?

No!  It's very likely that drafts were drawn up on hemp paper because this was popular at the time. The final Constitution, and Bill of Rights were written on vellum.

Are There Presidents Who Have Smoked Weed?

There are numerous notes, quotes, and written thoughts that pretty much say various presidents did indulge. Whether Thomas Jefferson, or Abe Lincoln smoked grass is pure speculation. Although there probably have been some, not all presidents took up grass as a past-time hobby.

Advertisements: Pushing Propaganda for Anti-Marijuana:

There was a period of time when ads bombarded our televisions, claiming all sorts of horrible outcomes if you smoked grass. The majority of people who saw these ads were virtually unaffected by them. Studies have shown that most people just blew off the ads and moved on.

Henry Ford Created a Marijuana Car:

It was believed that Mr. Ford built a prototype vehicle made out of hemp plastics. In reality, the vehicle was made from less than 50% hemp.

Marijuana and Minorities:

Those against the legalization of grass have attempted playing the race card, and that is just wrong!  They believe if grass is legalized, minorities will start using it, and our streets will be unsafe. With more states legalizing grass or thinking about it, this kind of mind-set is just not true. The majority of people using medicinal marijuana are actually white and male!  Anyone who'd believe this kind of garbage is just crazy!

Marijuana Is More Popular Among the Lower Class:

All users of marijuana come from every class, race, and religion!  Again, this is a very discriminative remark and totally untrue. Responsible users are not creating issues or problems, and come from every social and economic class.

Law Enforcement Is Arresting Drug Dealers:

Here are the facts, the majority of arrests for marijuana charges are for possession. Not for selling the drug. This are an astounding 750,000 people being arrested every year. But, by all means, let's keep grass illegal, and continue arresting innocent citizens! By keeping grass illegal, we are fattening the purses of dealers, and still not preventing people from smoking it.

Marijuana Is Made up of Dangerous Chemicals:

There are literally thousands of chemicals being inhaled when you light up a joint. Are they all dangerous to your health? No. Studies are still in process on what chemicals might be dangerous, vs what chemicals are not at all. Coffee has been tested on humans and rats, showing that some of coffee's chemicals might cause cancer. I'm not sure I've heard of anyone contracting cancer from their morning cup of Java!

Government Research:

The U.S. Government does grow marijuana for scientific research. Unfortunately, medical research is done on environmentally restricted weed. Marijuana is grown in many different regions, environments, and conditions. Therefore, the government's results cannot be particularly solid, or used to generalize information about marijuana in general.

Meaning of 420

What the Heck Does 420 Mean?

This term has become the battle cry among grass smokers to unite. It's believed it originally started  among a group of high school students as a signal to when they would meet and get high.

Legalizing Grass Leads to Legalizing Hard Drugs:

Various polls across the internet have shown this to be nothing more than another scare tactic. The numbers of Americans in favor of legalizing marijuana is on the rise daily. On the other hand, less than 4% of people polled want hard drugs legalized.

What's the Mortality Rate from Smoking Marijuana:

Research has shown there is little to no difference in mortality rates between those who smoke grass and those that don't. As stated before, smoking is not completely harmless, nor completely dangerous.

One Joint Equates to an Entire Pack of Cigarettes:

Studies were done in the early 1980s that found grass causes respiratory conditions similar to a cigarette smoker using 16 cigarettes a day. Further studies, later on, showed these findings were completely wrong. They showed there were other variables and conditions involved, causing  unhealthy lungs. There have been no tests showing the significance of possible lung cancer caused by smoking grass.

What Are The Numbers Of People Who Have Smoked Grass?

It's pretty much divided half and half regarding people who have or have not tried marijuana. Trying and actively using are two different things.

Has Grass Become More Potent Lately:

Those against marijuana will tell you yes, but in reality, that's just not the case. Due to scientific and technological improvements, today's grass is more potent than 50 years ago. Even then, that increase might scratch the surface of 7% stronger, or so.

Marijuana within Prisons:

Approximately 20,000 prisoners are incarcerated for marijuana charges brought against them. That's less than 3% of marijuana usage in the U.S.

Is Marijuana a Dangerous Drug:

Harm Caused by Different Drugs scale

There are those who will have you believe that this is true, because they want marijuana gone forever. There is absolutely no proof that this statement has any merit whatsoever. Alcohol and cigarettes are far more dangerous than grass will ever be. Research has shown some cases of marijuana harming people's lives and their health. These results include variables and other situations and true cases are few and far between.


Marijuana has been around for a very, very long time, and has quite a legend. Opinions and stipulations will probably follow this plant for some time to come. Research, testimonials, and scientific facts speak louder than the anti-marijuana sector.

Do your homework, and read up on studies done by reputable people. Decide what is appropriate when smoking marijuana, you can choose to use it conservatively or crazily – it's your call.

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