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Snoop Dogg Micro G Vape Pen Review: Pros & Cons

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Snoop Dogg Micro G Pen next to a Box

Grenco Science is known for developing innovative vaporizer pen models, and for collaborating with celebrities and fashion designers to make vape pens that are unique and stylish. The herbal Snoop Dog Micro G Vaporizer is one of the latest Grenco Science vaporizer collaborations, and is a mini dry herb vape pen meant for aromatic blends. Read our complete Grenco Science vaporizer review to find out what's great and what's not about this vaporizer pen for dry herbs.

The Basics of the Snoop Dogg Vaporizer Pen Micro

- Price - the price of the Snoop Dogg Micro G dry herb vape pen is very affordable. You can typically purchase the vape pen for less than $80, making it one of the least expensive herbal vaporizer pens on the market today.

- Vapor Quality - this Grenco Science vape is a conduction vaporizer, in which the heating coil comes in direct contact with your aromatic blends. This proves to be problematic in the Micro G herb pen vaporizer. The high temperature of the heating coil tends to burn herbs rather than vaporizing them, so you are inhaling smoke rather than vapor. The vapor quality with the vapor pen is low, making it really only a great choice for those who need a very inexpensive model, or who want to smoke medicinal marijuana with a device that looks like a vapor pen.

Snoop Dogg Micro G Vape Pen with all Accessories

- Guarantee - the Snoop Dogg Micro G Herbal Vape Pen has a 1-year warranty on the battery, which is about what you would expect for a dry herb vaporizer pen of this price.

- Prep Time - the Grenco Science vaporizer pen is very easy to fill and heats up fast due to its conduction vaporizer heating system. You can load it and start vaping in just a few seconds.

- Portability - another area where the Snoop Dogg microG Herbal Vape Pen excels is portability. The vaporizer is much smaller than many other herbal vaporizer pens, so you can definitely carry it in your pocket or in a bag without any worry.

- Ease of Use - anyone can use the Snoop Dogg microG Dry Herb Vape Pen easily. There is only one button featured in the design, and the model does not have any major draw resistance to get in the way of vaping.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - there is only one temperature setting for this dry herb vape pen. As previously explained, the temperature of the vape pen is hot enough to cause combustion rather than vaporization.

- Power Supply - with this Grenco Science vape, you receive a high quality lithium ion battery that lasts through about 2 hours of continuous use. This is better than or the same as most vape pens available for this price.

Snoop Dogg Micro G chamber shown

Pros of the Basics of the Micro Snoop Dog Vape Pen

  • Very inexpensive dry herb pen vaporizer
  • Ultra compact vapor pen that's easy to carry
  • Simple to load and to use
  • Cool blue and silver design created by Snoop Dogg

Cons of the Basics of the Micro Snoop Dog Vape Pen

  • Not a true vaporizer pen; combusts herbs and has poor vapor quality
  • Smaller capacity than other dry herb vape pen models due to its size

The Snoop Dogg microG Vaporizer Pen has a major problem with vapor quality due to its conduction vaporizer design, but that doesn't mean that it can't benefit many users. People who take only a few draws from their vape pen at a time may not experience combustion, and this herbal vaporizer is also a possible choice for those who want a convenient, easy way to use medicinal marijuana on the go and aren't concerned about smoke. You can learn more about the original Snoop Dogg G Pen Vaporizer herbal edition here on the product's home page at VaporPlants.com.

Video Section

Snoop Dogg Micro G Official Video

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