2016-06-09 17:14:29

Rebuildable atomizers (RBA) are just that--atomizers that you can personally build to your exact vaping specifications to achieve that sacred "sweet spot." You can get started with any vape mod that is compatible, including a box mod or even mech mods. Read on to understand how they function and how to get started on building your own; making your set up the best vape mod to match your preferences.

What RBAs Are and How They Work

Using an RBA to vape gives you the ultimate control over your vape mod that simply cannot be produced with premade coils. RBAs are able to be taken apart too, letting you adjust the coil resistance, wicking material, and really anything you want to. It consists of a 510 base on the bottom and two posts on top, one positive and one negative. This is where you insert your coils. The top cap includes air holes that can be adjusted to give you the airflow and throat hit that you desire. RBAs work by heating up the vape coil that will vaporize the eliquid. But, here's the fun part--you get to control the resistance of that coil, too.

The wire used to make the coils comes in different sizes, which impact the level of resistance. The gauge of wire you should use is dependent on the power your RBA can deliver, how big the coil section is, and the vaper’s desired resistance. As for the wicks in your coil, use something that will not release harmful impurities into your vapor, like organic cotton or nylon.

Types of Rebuildable Atomizers

There are many to choose from, and here you will find a basic list of options available to you.

- Drip RBA. Referred to as RDAs, or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, these allow you to drip liquid directly onto the coils instead of using a vape tank.

- Bottom Feeder. This RBA is regarded as the easiest to build and to use. It's filled from the bottom and uses the same types of wiring and wicking that a bottom-coil clearomizer does.

- Genesis. A top-feed RBA that is a bit difficult to build. It uses a woven, mesh wiring system that others do not.

- Tank. Also known as an RTA, it is the most popular of the RBAs, while also being the most difficult to build. It uses a vape tank that lets the wicks be constantly saturated in ejuice.

What You'll Need

To get started, there are a few basic tools you will need. It may seem like a lot up front, but you will save a ton of money in the long run.

  • Kanthal wire
  • Wicking material (cotton, silica, hemp, or nylon)
  • A lighter or butane gas torch
  • Small wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Small screw driver
  • Paper towels
  • Eliquid
  • Ohm's reader, especially if you are building an unregulated mechanical mod

Once you have everything you need, rebuilding your atomizer to your specifications on all of your vape mods is just a matter of trial and error until you find what you prefer! The bottom line of rebuilding is just to have fun and customize your vaping experience, so enjoy the process, and happy vaping!