2016-07-04 23:26:20

Many different types of ecigarettes exist on the market today. Ecigs ranging from the basics to more complicated box mods are well loved, but some people prefer to use a mech mod instead. Mechanical mods, or mech mods, have been increasing in popularity in recent years. With their ability to push the limits of vaping to the extreme, the appeal is rather obvious. Customization and durability are another attractive factor people notice when choosing between a regulated or unregulated (mechanical) mod vape.

What Is a Mech Mod?

The difference between a regulated ecig and an unregulated ecig essentially comes down to the vape batteries. Box mods, eGos and other similar regulated devices contain a battery and a circuit that provides variable voltage and auto-shutoff to keep the vape battery from overdraining. A mechanical mod, however, does not come with the circuits to regulate those things.

To break it down a little, a mechanical mod ecigarette is typically a tube of metal, like aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. Attached to the tube is a firing pin that allows the current from the battery to reach the attached atomizer. This makes the coils heat up which in turn vaporizes your ejuice. Since there is no circuitry involved, they are very durable and can be modified into almost any form. You can plunge them into water, dry them out, and they still work perfectly. However, because of the lack of circuitry, there are a few inherent dangers.

Dangers of a Mech Mod

The danger in these types of ecigarettes comes from the battery itself. They can easily fail if you over-tighten the end of the mods or even the atomizer. If you accidentally press the firing pin for too long, you can over-discharge the ecigarette battery and cause it to overheat and burst in your hand.

Vape box coil lit up in red as it gets power

Tips for Owning a Mechanical Mod

So, if you are still interested in owning a mechanical mod, here are some tips to consider:
- Always have a lock for the firing pin. These often come with reverse threading that you must unscrew to lock the firing pin. This prevents misfiring in your pocket or simply falling asleep and forgetting to turn it off.

- Be sure your mod comes with air holes. With your vape mod empty, blow air into the connection end. Try this both with the firing pin locked and unlocked. Make sure you can feel air escaping. This helps vent potentially harmful gases in the event of the battery overheating and helps keeps your mod from bursting as well.

- Charge and discharge your batteries properly. You can do this by checking the voltage, or volts. If you run them too low too often, you will shorten their life span. If you do that repeatedly, you will easily and quickly kill your vape batteries. Drawing too many amps from your ecig battery also poses serious risks and you need to constantly be aware if your mod vape is overheating at all. If any part of your electronic cigarette becomes hot, this is an issue that needs resolved immediately so it does not escalate and cause harm or damage.

All of This Considered, Why Would Someone Want a Mech Mod?

Even with the ever present vape battery dangers, many people prefer mechanical vape mods over regulated box mods. Most enjoy the customization options as they get more comfortable rebuilding their own atomizers. Building coils is cost effective and a fun hobby for many. However, a regulated box mod vape with electric circuits possesses safety protocols that require the vaper’s coils to run at a certain resistance or higher. This is the reason many coil heads are listed at a common 1.5 Ohms or above. This means building on a regulated device stifles your choices.
With mechanical ecig mods, you are not held back by these restrictions. Without the circuits, nothing will prevent your mod from firing at the lowest resistance you want. The lower the resistance, or Ohms, of your coil(s), the more amperage it draws from the battery, delivering more power to the coil to vaporize the eliquid. This lends bigger clouds and a more potent flavor. So, if you're looking for better flavor and love to cloud chase, a mechanical mod may be for you! Just be sure you have a solid understanding of Ohm's Law and vaporizer battery safety before you begin.