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C-Rig Stealth Glass Dome

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Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

  • - Used with the C-Rig Stealth Vaporizer Pen
  • - All glass construction
  • - Tank portion of the vaporizer
  • - Genuine C-Rig parts

Availability: Out of stock


The C-Rig Stealth Vaporizer Pen allows you to take your waxy concentrates on the road and enjoy a satisfying vaporizing experience use after use. With the C-Rig Stealth Glass Dome, you can keep this compact vaporizer in the best of condition.

What Is the C-Rig Stealth Glass Dome?

The C-Rig Stealth wax pen has a unique design that is a bit different from other vaporizer pens on the market today. Instead of a cartridge with an enclosed heating element, the wax vaporizer pen allows you to dab your waxes directly onto the atomizer. The C-Rig Stealth Glass Dome is designed to fit down over the atomizer to protect it from damage, and its glass construction keeps both wax and the vapor tasting great.

When to Replace the C-Rig Stealth Glass Dome

Unless the C-Rig Stealth Glass Dome part in your vape pen becomes covered with build-up that you can't wipe clean, you likely won't need to replace the vape part unless it breaks. Because it is made of glass, the dome is fragile, so many people choose to purchase a spare just in care their wax pen is dropped or crushed or they damage the part while cleaning. You can also purchase the dome along with the mouthpiece sleeve as a set from VaporPlants.com.

C-Rig Stealth Glass Dome. - Used with the C-Rig Stealth Vaporizer Pen - All glass construction - Tank portion of the vaporizer - Genuine C-Rig parts

  • Price: $14.00 - Out of Stock
Package Includes:
  • 1 x C-Rig Stealth Glass Dome
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Brand/Manufacturer C-Rig
Product Type Vaporizer Part
Fits Vaporizer(s) C-Rig Stealth Vaporizer (glass only)
Package Weight in Pounds 0.2300
Package Length (in inches) 3.00
Package Width (in inches) 1.25
Package Height (in inches) 1.00

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