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More Vaporizer Brands

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Vape Pen for weed, marijuana, wax, oil and Dry Herb Vaporizer Portable Vaporizer for marijuana, weed, wax, oil and Dry Herb Handheld Vaporizer Vaporizer All-In-One - Vape Pen, Portable Vaporizer and Weed Vaporizer Dry Herb Vaporizer - Vape Pen, Portable Vaporizer, Vaporizer Pen, Marijuana Vaporizer Wax Pen - Vape Pen, Wax Vape Pen, Wax Vaporizer Best Vaporizer - Weed Vaporizer, Herbal Vaporizer, Best Vaporizer Pen

Not all of the best vaporizer brands are world famous yet. Some vaporizer brands are still up-and-coming names in the world of vaporizer design, but they have exciting products to offer. VaporPlants brings you all of the best desktop, portable vape brands, and e cig brands, and is the perfect place to discover some of the names that are sure to become the next big thing in the vaping community. On this page, you'll find all of the high quality products from these brands with products from Cloud V, and models like the Herbalizer vaporizer and the White Rhino vape. Check out all of the available vaporizers to learn more or feel free to contact us for assistance with your shopping.

Information about some other Vaporizer Brands we Carry

c-vape, cvape, c vape pen, oil vaporizer pen, ecig, e cig, c rig, c rig vape, c rig vaporizer, wax pen , vape pen, c rig vape pen

C-Vape produces wax pens and ecig portable vaporizer models and is considered a leader in ecig design. Whether you're looking for a vape pen for wax or an oil vaporizer pen for ejuice and eliquid, CVape can provide you with a compact vaporizer of the absolute finest quality. CVape has added a number of innovative features to many of their vaporizer pens, setting the C-Rig vaporizer pen design apart from others on the market today. Some of the C-Rig vape innovations include hand blown glass mouthpieces and domes that allow for clean vapor production, larger heating coils for improved performance and stronger, longer lasting batteries that allow you to still use your CVape pen during charging.

flashvape, flash vape, flashvape vaporizer, dry herb vaporizer, portable vaporizer

Flashvape vaporizers make you look twice! This line of dry herb vaporizer models features designs that are so discreet that even those who have been vaping for years don't immediately know what they are when they catch their first glimpse. Instead of a traditional boxy or tube-like weed vaporizer, the Flashvape is shaped like a flashlight. You can leave it in plain view in your home, and no one will be any the wiser. While the discreet vape design is impressive enough, the Flashvape has a number of other innovative features as well, including side vents that keep the air path as clean as possible, and an extra-large bowl that lets your vaping sessions last and last.

indica vaporizer, indica vape, dry herb vaporizer, portable vaporizer, indica portable vaporizer, vaporizer lighter, indica portable vaporizer, vaporizer for dry herbs, indica dry herb vaporizer

Don't be fooled by its appearance. The Indica vaporizer is not a lighter! This portable vaporizer may have the look of a classic flint lighter, but it has a powerful secret inside--an ultra-efficient heating element that makes this a truly impressive dry herb vaporizer. Like a lighter, the Indica vape fits easily into your pocket, and it comes with all of the accessories needed to simplify use and maintenance. Despite its compact size, the vaporizer can hold an incredible .31 grams of tobacco for long, satisfying sessions with less frequent refills required. The portable vape even gives you five temperature setting options to ensure that you're vaping at the ideal heat level to get the thickest, most flavorful vapor imaginable.

elevape, elevape smart, elevape vaporizer, ipuff usa, dry herb vaporizer, portable vaporizer

iPuff USA has set out to elevate vaping and take it to a whole new level with their Elevape Smart portable vaporizer. Considered by many to be the dry herb vaporizer equivalent of a luxury automobile, the Elevape is packed with innovations like a specially designed vaporizer heating chamber that greatly enhances airflow to produce thick vapor that is flavorful and pure. The vaporizer is ready for use instantly for maximum convenience on the go. The high tech design includes a microprocessor to check temperature levels inside more than 100 times every second, and to adjust power to the titanium alloy coil to maintain ideal temperatures inside the unit, so there's no risk of combustion. There's even a smartphone app that lets you customize your vaping experience.

kandypens, sky cloud, skycloud, kandy pens, sky cloud vape, kandy pen, kandypen, sky cloud vape pen, kandypen skycloud, kandypens vaporizer, dry herb vaporizer, wax pen, vape pen

KandyPens brings you multifunction herb, oil, and wax pen vaporizers that are a true treat. The signature Kandy Pen, the SkyCloud, is constructed from the finest materials to provide an unbeatable experience. The dab pen, oil, and dry herb vaporizer pen features a titanium coil that conducts heat with ease and is ultra-durable to stand the test of time. The Sky Cloud also has an all-ceramic heating chamber, setting it apart from other vape pen products on the market today. Kandy Pens offers the Sky Cloud vape pen in a huge assortment of colors, so you can choose the vaporizer that reflects your sense of style. Vapor Plants is pleased to carry all of the latest KandyPen SkyCloud designs, as well as a complete selection of KandyPens vaporizer parts and accessories.

micro vaped, micro vaped v2, micro vaped pen, micro vape, micro vape v2, micro vaped v3, wax pen, vape pen

Micro Vaped is a brand that believes that vaporizing should be a luxurious experience. That's why they work hard to engineer the best vape pen products from wax pen vaporizers to multifunction pens. For a truly remarkable vaporizing experience, you can opt for the Micro Vaped V3, which comes with a huge assortment of accessories, and four tanks for virtually unlimited vaping possibilities. Advanced features like an LCD display on the battery, and the ability to continue vaping while you recharge the Micro Vaped pen, set it apart from even the finest quality vaporizer pen competitors. Prefer a smaller vape pen? The Nano micro vape is the ideal choice with its ultra slim design and top-of-the-line titanium vaporizer heating coil. No matter which Micro Vaped vaporizer you choose, you're sure to enjoy many luxurious vape sessions with your new pen.

minivap, minivap vaporizer, dry herb vaporizer, portable vaporizer

MiniVap is shaking up the world of vaping with their unique portable vaporizer that truly stands out. A multifunction wax, oil, and dry herb vaporizer, the MiniVap uses a progressive heating system that helps to retain all of the active ingredients in whatever you're vaping to give you the most potent vapor possible. With its loading chamber set apart from the heating element, the MiniVap vaporizer only vaporizes when you draw, so there's no waste. Thermal insulation prevents combustion, and the portable vaporizer has been approved by CE and RoHS for safety. Although the powerful heating coil can reach temperatures of 435 degrees Fahrenheit, the exterior of the oil, wax, and dry herb vaporizers is always cool and comfortable to hold, allowing you to enjoy long, unforgettable vaping sessions.

puffit vaporizer, puffit, puffit x, puffit x vaporizer, pufit vape, portbale vaporizer, dry herb vaporizer

When a company calls itself Discreet Vape, you can easily guess where their design priorities lie. Since their launch, Discreet Vape has sought to create the world's most discreet vaporizers, so that vaping enthusiasts can enjoy dry herbs and medical waxy concentrates wherever, whenever the mood strikes them. With their unique PuFFiT line of vaporizers, Discreet Vape has truly succeeded, creating portable vapes unlike any the world has ever seen before. PuFFiT vaporizers are handheld vaporizers that closely resemble inhalers used by asthmatics and individuals with other respiratory conditions. This clever design makes it incredibly easy to inconspicuously vape anywhere. Completely battery powered, PuFFiT vaporizers work without butane or a lighter, so all anyone will think when they see you use one is that you're medicating for a breathing problem. To ensure that PuFFiT vaporizer evenly vaporize materials, Discreet Vape has developed a unique gold plated vape heating chamber that conducts heat evenly throughout herb or wax samples. The collection includes the original PuFFiT and the world's first forced air portable vaporizer, the PuFFiT X.

sonic vaporizer, sonic vape, dry herb vaporizer, portable vaporizer

In 2012, Sonic introduced their first dry herb vaporizer, bringing advanced portable vaporizer technology to the market. You can tell the Sonic vaporizer is different from competitors at the very first glance, as its design looks more like a tiny smartphone that could fit in your pocket than a traditional vaporizer. When you switch it on, you'll continue to be impressed with how quickly it heats to optimal temperature. The precise temperature control system gives you the power to master your vaping experience, as this portable vaporizer lets you set the heat to the exact degree you desire. The Sonic vaporizers also include Advanced Heating Technology that fully and efficiently vaporizes material to eliminate waste and give you as much vapor as possible with every draw.

vaporblunt, vapor blunt, vaporblunt 2.0, vaporblunt baker, vaporblunt 2, dry herb vaporizer, portable vaporizer

VaporBlunt is a company with a simple mission--to set the standard to which other vaporizer manufacturers aspire, and their line of impressive vaporizers does just that. There's the VaporBlunt Baker Dab, a desktop vaporizer that lets you easily vape your favorite dry herbs or waxes and enjoy their flavors to the fullest. With a wide range of available attachments, this Vapor Blunt vaporizer makes it easy for you to customize the way you vape to perfectly suit your tastes. If you're looking for a portable vaporizer, the VaporBlunt 2.0 is a compact dry herb vaporizer that never disappoints. Unique features like an internal stir knob and a specially designed stainless steel chamber make the VaporBlunt 2 incredibly advanced and ultra-efficient.

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