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More Brands

More Brands

Not all of the best vaporizer brands are world famous yet. Some brands are still up-and-coming names in the world of perfect design, but they have exciting products to offer. VaporPlants brings you all of the best desktop and portable brands, and is the perfect place to discover some of the names that are sure to become the next big thing in the vaping community. On this page, you'll find all of the high quality products from some brands with products from Cloud V, and models like the Herbalizer. Check out all of the available vaporizers to learn more, and please feel free to contact us for assistance while you shopping.

Information about some other Brands we Carry

Pulsar Vaporizer for Dry Herb and Wax Banner

Pulsar believes that whether it's a wax, dry or an oil pen, any vaporizer should be as unique as the person who will use it. That's why the engineers at the brand are constantly developing new options. With a wide range of models available, there is sure to be a Pulsar Vaporizer available in the perfect size for your needs that will let you enjoy your favorite materials to the fullest. You'll even find that many models come in different colors, so you're sure to love the way your new Pulsar vape looks as much as you'll love how it functions. All of the vaporizers made by Pulsar can stand the test of time, and give you years of satisfaction from medicinal herbs and other materials, provided you care for them properly.

Haze Vaporizer Banner

Haze believes you shouldn't have to limit yourself to wax, dry herbs, or oil in order to enjoy the convenience of vaping on the go. That's why Haze V3 vaporizer is made to provide a flavorful, potent experience with all three types of materials. Unlike other multi-function models, Haze vape includes two bowls, so that you can keep two different materials loaded when you're on the go, and even switch from one type of vape to the other in the middle of a session. Haze offers a wide variety of high quality accessories, making it as easy to maintain and use as it is versatile. Haze Vaporizer provides a flavorful vaping experience.

Hot Box Vaporizer for Dry Marijuana Banner

The Hot Box vaporizer collection includes many models, and accessories that offer true value with their economical pricing that doesn't come at the expense of efficiency. Every Hot Box vape undergoes third-party testing to ensure that it delivers a pure, carcinogen-free experience for those who want to quit smoking. Plus, Hot Box vaporizers are designed with style in mind as much as functionality and allow you to express yourself with bright colors and unique symbols.

Flashvape Vaporizer for Cannabis Banner

Flashvape vaporizers make you look twice! This line of herbal models features designs that are so simple that even those who have been vaping for years don't immediately know what they are when they catch their first glimpse. Instead of a traditional boxy or tube-like design, the Flashvape is shaped like a flashlight. You can leave it in plain view in your home, and no one will be any wiser. While the vape design is impressive enough, the Flashvape has a number of other innovative features as well, including side vents that keep the air path as clean as possible, and an extra-large bowl that lets your vaping sessions last and last.

KandyPens Vape Pens for Wax Banner

KandyPens brings you multifunction herb, oil, and wax vaporizers that are a true treat. The signature KandyPen, the Galaxy, is constructed from the finest materials to provide an unbeatable experience. The dab pen coil conducts heat with ease and is ultra-durable to stand the test of time. The Galaxy also has an all-ceramic heating chamber, setting it apart from other known brand's products on the market today. Kandy Pens offers the Galaxy in a huge assortment of colors and versions, so you can choose the vape that reflects your sense of style. VaporPlants is pleased to carry all of the latest KandyPens designs and models.

Micro Vaped Brand Banner by VaporPlants

Micro Vaped is a brand that believes that vaporizing should be a luxurious experience. That's why they work hard to engineer the best vape pen products. For a truly remarkable experience, you can opt for the Micro Vaped V4, which comes with a huge assortment of accessories for virtually unlimited possibilities. Advanced features like an LCD display on the battery, and the ability to continue vaping while charging, Micro Vaped brand sets apart from even the finest quality models of competitors. Prefer even smaller? The Nano is the ideal choice with its ultra slim design and top-of-the-line titanium heating coil. No matter which Micro Vaped vaporizer you choose, you're sure to enjoy many luxurious sessions in the future to come.

Puffit Discreet Vaporizer for Marijuana Banner

With their unique PuFFiT line, company has truly succeeded, creating portables unlike any the world has ever seen before. PuFFiT vaporizers closely resemble inhalers used by asthmatics and individuals with other respiratory conditions. This clever design makes it incredibly easy to inconspicuously vape anywhere. Completely battery powered, these work without butane or a lighter, so anyone will think when they see you use one is that you're medicating for a breathing problem. To ensure that the vaporizer evenly vaporizes materials, they have developed a unique gold plated heating chamber that conducts heat evenly throughout herbs and wax. The collection includes the original PuFFiT and the world's first forced air portable vaporizer, the PuFFiT X.

Sonic Vaporizers Brand Banner by VaporPlants

In 2012, Sonic introduced their first dry herb vaporizer, bringing advanced technology to the market. You can tell that it is different from competitors at the very first glance, as its design looks more like a tiny smartphone that could fit in your pocket than a traditional vaporizer. When you switch it on, you'll continue to be impressed with how quickly it heats to optimal temperature. The precise temperature control system gives you the power to master your vaping experience, as this portable vaporizer lets you set the heat to the exact degree you desire. It also include Advanced Heating Technology that fully and efficiently vaporizes material to eliminate waste and give you as much clean vapor as possible with every draw.

VaporBlunt Vaporizers for Marijuana Banner

VaporBlunt is a company with a simple mission - to set the standard to which other vaporizer manufacturers aspire, and their line of impressive models does just that. With a wide range of available attachments, these vapes make it easy for you to customize the way you vape to perfectly suit your tastes. If you're looking for a portable vaporizer, the VaporBlunt 2.0 is a model that never disappoints. Unique features like an internal stir knob and a specially designed stainless steel chamber make the VaporBlunt Vaporizer incredibly advanced and ultra-efficient.

VaporBrothers Vaporizers for Marijuana Banner

Since 1999, Vapor Brothers has been developing new technologies to make vaping more efficient, effective, and affordable. The company is dedicated to producing innovative vaporizers which are still accessible in price, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of vaping. All of the models provide high quality vapor production, and the different models are made to suit a variety of budgets. We pride ourselves in offering the best prices on all Vapor Brothers models and will be glad to explain the features of any model to you if you require assistance. Vapor Brothers make vaping more efficient, effective, and affordable. Dedicated to making innovative models and vapes that are always accessible in price!

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