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Vaporizer pen batteries provide the power needed to heat up your liquid, wax, or herbs, so that vaporization can occur. In other words, you can't vape without them! Vape pen batteries do have a limited lifespan, and can only be charged a few hundred to a few thousand times, depending on use. It's normal for a vapor pen battery to wear out and require replacement, but caring for your battery properly can help it to last as long as possible.

Follow these care and cleaning tips to keep your vape pen battery in the best possible condition:

  • On a weekly basis, use a paper towel or a cotton swab to wipe out the top of your vape battery. This will remove any drips of wax or oil that have collected on it. You can also use a pressurized air can to remove any fine particulates or dust when you're finished cleaning.

  • Keep your vaporizer pen battery away from water and liquid chemicals of all kinds.

  • Never insert any kind of metal into your vaporizer pen battery to clean it. This includes pipe cleaners with metal wires inside of the felt.

  • Avoid leaving your battery in very hot or cold places, such as inside of a car in the summertime or wintertime. Extreme temperatures can damage it.

  • Only use a vaporizer battery charger specifically made for your brand of battery. Even if the battery fits into an off-brand charger, don't use it! There could be differences in the voltage, and this could lead to short circuiting.

  • Let your battery drain as low as possible before you recharge. For best results, buy a spare battery to keep charged, and vape until your battery is completely depleted. Then, switch to the spare while you charge the dead battery. This will allow you to completely re-charge your battery every time.

  • Do not leave your battery plugged into the charger for an excessive amount of time. When you first notice that it's finished charging, disconnect it from the charger. This will prevent overcharging that can reduce battery life.
  • Vape pen battery chargers need cleaning, too! Residues left behind on the battery will end up rubbing off on your charger. When build-up becomes thick enough, it can reduce the flow of current to the battery, leading you to believe the power cell is no longer working. To avoid this problem, use a paper towel to clean the connector on your charger at least once every month. If you notice build-up lingering in the groove at the bottom of the charger, use a wooden toothpick to remove it.

    If you have any other questions regarding how to care for your vape battery, or need assistance selecting a replacement battery, feel free to contact the customer service team here at VaporPlants.com.

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