2016-07-27 05:43:10

The latest research indicates that vaping is a safer way to enjoy nicotine than smoking; however, there are still some potential risks and hazards associated with vaping. If you use an e cigarette or consider starting to vape , here are some things that you should be aware of:

1. Not All Additives in e-Juice Are Well Researched. The basic ingredients in e-juice --propylene glycol, nicotine, and vegetable glycerin--have been well researched, and most of the flavorings found in e-liquid are natural or generally regarded as safe by the FDA for use in food. Food colorings that are added to some e-liquid products have not been studied as thoroughly, so there is not enough evidence to prove that they are safe to vape. As a result, some people may choose to avoid e-juice with added dyes.

2. RDA Atomizers May Not Be As Safe. Rebuildable drip atomizers or RDA tanks allow e-juice to be vaporized at a much higher temperature. The studies into vape safety have not been conducted with an RDA vape in most cases, so there is a possibility that using a vape RDA tank could subject the body to more toxins than a conventional vape tank. It's also possible that some of the metals used to make coils for dripper atomizer tanks could pose more of a risk than others due to the effects of heat. People who are concerned about toxin exposure may want to avoid dripping atomizer units until more research can be done.

3. Some Additives Can Cause Side Effects. As previously explained, most ingredients in e-juice are well-researched and proven to be safe; however, a few could have the potential to cause health problems. Diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propionyl are used to give e-liquid a buttery taste, and can cause lung irritation and pose a risk for a serious, but rare lung condition sometimes called Popcorn Worker's Lung.

4. Some Vape Batteries Are Unsafe. If you're using mechanical mods with replaceable ecig batteries, it's important that you choose your vape battery wisely. Batteries that are not wrapped with a protective insulation sleeve could pose a risk for fire or electrical shock. Similarly, batteries with damaged or worn covers should be discarded. It's also important that you use batteries that are the appropriate size and the right amp rating for your mech mod.

5. Placing Batteries in a Vape Mod Upside Down Is Dangerous. A vape mod will still work if you insert the batteries in the wrong direction; however, doing so could cause a dangerous short circuit. Make sure that you always insert your batteries in the correct direction. Consult your owner's manual if you ever forget which way they go.

Many of the risks associated with vaping are linked to e cig mods rather than conventional vape pens . That's why most experts recommend beginning with a standard e cig and taking the time to learn more about vape mods before investing in mechanical vape mods . If you have questions about ecigs or mech mods , please feel free to contact us for assistance.