2016-04-18 18:38:24

The fear mongering tactics of the media, relaying accounts of vaporizers exploding on their users makes it easy to be put off purchasing your own vape. The information they often leave out, however, is that these accidents happen with counterfeit, low-end devices. Much like any other cheap, low-quality electronic, they tend to malfunction more often than higher quality and genuine products. So, yes, misuse and lack of a weekly cleaning routine may contribute to a vaporizer going haywire, but that is not always the reason for these unfortunate happenings.

Most of these reported incidents were not caused by a lack of device knowledge. Instead, the source of these issues can be traced back to the device itself, and typically, these machines are typically the knock-off types you can purchase anywhere. It is imperative, not only to the long lasting life of your vape, vaporizer, or mech mod, but to yourself and your safety, that vape units are only purchased through authorized retailers, such as VaporPlants. See this guide on choosing a vape pen battery.

Herbal vaporizers run off of a very common type of battery, lithium ion. The reason for these explosions come from the potentially volatile nature of the lithium ion batteries that most models use. If not properly stored and kept in a climate controlled environment, these batteries, like all other batteries in any given electronic device, have the potential to malfunction. This, of course, is not unique only to vaporizers; it is common to have a warning on the side of any product that contains vape batteries, which you need to charge them as intended, while being careful not to expose them to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

How to Take Proper Care of Your Batteries to Ensure Device Longevity and Safety

Aside from keeping them out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, cleaning and maintaining your batteries responsibly will eliminate the already slim chance of them literally backfiring on you. Below are some tips to properly care for your valuable herbal vaporizer:

- For starters, never use a metal tool to clean your vaporizer. This includes common household cleaning tools such as metal/felt pipe cleaners. Also, as with any electronic device, take precautions to keep this device away from water or liquid of any type.

- Avoid exposing your vape batteries to temperatures below 50o F and above 115o F. This means keeping it out of your parked, baking car in the summer and inside where it is warm in the freezing winter months.

- Once or twice a week, be sure to take the vape batteries out of your vape pen or wax pen and wipe down the accessible insides with a cloth or paper towel. Clean out any residual wax, oil, or liquid that may have found its way into the compartment, which can happen frequently. Once you have completely dried out this part of your device, you can also take a can of pressurized air, or an air duster, to your vaporizer pen, ridding it of any dust or particles that you may otherwise miss.

- Only charge your vaporizer batteries with the charging device intended for your specific brand of cells. Even if the vape pen battery seem to fit in another charger, there could be a difference in voltage that will lead to short circuiting of the cell.

- Do not leave your vape pen battery plugged into the charger for longer than it takes to charge the cell. This could lead to overcharging, and a electronic cigarette battery life that does not last as long as it could. Unplug it when you first notice it has reached its full charge. On the other hand, make sure you are depleting your vape battery charge completely. If you need to, buy a spare battery to put into your vaporizer while the other charges up. This will extend the duration of your vape battery's overall life, and usage time as well as keep your vape batteries safer.

Properly and well-made lithium ion ecig batteries have only a slight risk of exploding. It is when you opt to save a couple of dollars on a cheaper pair that you experience these disastrous mishaps. For your safety and ultimate enjoyment, it is imperative that you only buy from an authorized retailer. VaporPlants.com sells only authentic, brand name vape pens and other marijuana vaporizers, giving you the comfort and knowledge that, with proper vape care and maintenance, you can enjoy your vaporizer pen with the peace of mind that your vape batteries will not explode.

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