2016-05-13 17:25:54

Vitamin B12 is one of the 13 essential vitamins that all adults need to be healthy. Studies have found that many people are deficient in vitamin B12, particularly older people. People who don't get enough vitamin B12 from diet alone can suffer from a variety of medical problems, including severe fatigue; so millions of people take supplements to try and increase the amount of the nutrient in their diets.

There's just one problem--many oral vitamin B12 supplements are not fully absorbed by the body, meaning that people who take them may not get the full benefits. Now, one company, VitaminVape, has come up with a unique solution--a vaporizer that provides vitamin B12.

The VitaminVape is a disposable vaporizer pen that provides 14 servings of vitamin B12. By drawing only 10 to 20 puffs from the vape pen per day, a person can get their recommended amount of the vitamin to avoid deficiencies. Vitamin B12 is uniquely suited to vaporizing because the body only needs trace amounts of it, and studies have found that inhaling vitamin B12 can lead to better absorption than ingesting it in supplement form. One study found that it's 2500 times more efficient to inhale vitamin B12 than it is to take a vitamin B12 pill.

In terms of how the VitaminVape vaporizer works, its function is very similar to that of a wax vaporizer or herb vaporizer pen. The vape is filled with vitamin B12 made from very pure, simple ingredients. A coil inside warms up the material to a temperature that is high enough to vaporize it, yet low enough to avoid denaturing or breaking down the vitamin. Once the liquid vaporizes, it can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. An LED light lets the user know when all the liquid inside has been consumed, so that the vape pen can be thrown away and replaced with a new vaporizer.

At the present time, the VitaminVape is sold almost exclusively online through the brand's official website. VitaminVape does have plans to eventually expand and begin to sell their product in stores. The goal of the company is to sell their vaporizers in pharmacies and health food stores, rather than in shops that sell herbal vaporizer, units and e-cigarettes as they feel their product appeals to a different niche than the e-cig and vaporizer industry.

Reference: VitaminVape