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Vaporizer pens are getting a lot of attention as more and more people turn to electronic cigarettes. These pens come in a variety of types, each with its own unique purpose.

Wax Shatter-Style Concentrates Portable Vaporizers

Owning a dab pen, also known as wax pen, is easy and convenient to use just about anywhere. Various oils and waxes can be used in this vaporizer pen. In most cases, the pen will come with an atomizer that heats up the oil or wax. Because a wax portable vaporizer pen is so small, it heats up to the necessary temperature almost immediately. The small size of the pen also means that its battery lasts longer between charging than other vaporizer pens.

Herbal wax can be used in a wax vaporizer pen in order to make the experience a more positive one. There are several types of herbs that can easily be turned into wax and vaped, making this a healthier option than smoking. The result is vapor instead of smoke. When herbal wax is vaporized, the process of doing so is called dabbing. This new technique has helped the popularity of herbs soar in recent years.

Dry Herb Portable Vaporizers

The best dry herb vaporizer is the perfect accessory for many people. In some ways, this type of vaporizer pen has become more popular than traditional cigarettes. Being able to use dry herbs is something that many people see as a solution to keep creating the illusion of smoking, without any of the health risks. Herbal wax is widely used among those who prefer vaporizer pens to electronic cigarettes. While smoking herbs in the traditional sense is still harmful, using a dry herbal portable vape pen is much less harmful, because the herbs are simply heated instead of burned.

Essential Oil Liquid Pen

An oil vape pen is also a valuable tool for many people to have. Users must be careful to purchase the correct type of pen, depending on whether they are looking to vaporize wax or essential oils. The type of vape pen needed for oil is different than the type needed for wax.

Vape Pens vs Electronic Cigarettes

While a vape pen is similar to an electronic cigarette, they are not actually the same thing. Electronic cigarettes burn the liquid, and vape pens simply heat the liquid to just the right temperature that allows it to give off an appealing scent.

Electronic cigarettes often use materials that are just as toxic as that of traditional cigarettes, making vape pens a better choice for smokers. The scent that a vapor pen gives off is much less intense than that of an electronic cigarette, which is one reason many people prefer it. Even electronic cigarettes can give off damaging second hand smoke, but vape pens do not.

Vaporizer pens are a great alternative to electronic cigarettes because they offer a similar experience that causes less harm to both users and those around them. These pens are helping people live healthier lives than ever before, comparing smoking vs vaping.

Nicotine Side Effects

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