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So you're interested in learning more about vaporizers, huh? Well, you've come to the right place. This guide provides a thorough introduction to vaporizers and will help you get started vaping.

First of All - What Is a Vaporizer?

First, let's establish what is a vaporizer, and why you'd want to use one in the first place. A vaporizer is a device that allows you to inhale the concentrated essences of substances like medical marijuana or an essential oil. Vaping is an alternative to smoking, the process of burning or combusting something to release its essences for inhalation. When you vape, you are inhaling vapor that is produced by heating up a material, not burning it. Vapor is cleaner than smoke, and it's also usually more potent.

Decisions, Decisions

When you're considering what type of vaporizer to buy, you need to make a few decisions, which we'll walk you through right now.

What Do You Want to Vape?

This is the very first thing to think about, because you need to make sure that the vaporizer you choose is made for the type of material you prefer. You can find vaporizers for vaping:

  • Dry herbs like legal cannabis, dried botanical herbs, and tobacco leaves
  • Waxy concentrates like legal marijuana oils
  • e-Liquids like botanical essential oils, and e juice, which is simply flavored or made with nicotine

Where Will You Be Vaping?

The next important consideration is where you will be vaping. Will you only be using your vaporizer at home? Using it only when you're away from home? A combination of the two? If you are planning to vape on the go, will it be for long periods of time or over the course of shorter trips?

What's Important to You?

Lastly, you need to think about your priorities. Some things to consider are:

  1. How much do you want to spend on your vaporizer?
  2. How important is it that the vaporizer is ready for use quickly?
  3. How important is the taste and potency of the vapor?
  4. How important is it to you that waste be minimized?
  5. Do you want to be able to share your vaporizer with friends?
  6. How important is it that your vape is easy to use?
  7. Is discreetness a concern? Do you need a vape that you can easily hide?
  8. Will you need a vaporizer that is very durable so that it can be taken into demanding environments, such when you're hiking?
Effects of Vaping Compared to Smoking

Types of Vaporizers Compared

Now that you've made some key decisions about what your vaping needs are, it's time to learn all about the different types of vaporizers that are available.

Heating Methods

A vaporizer can heat up materials in one of two ways:

Conduction - Heating Method

  1. A conduction vaporizer heats up material through direct contact. The heating element (the part of the vaporizer that gets hot) actually touches the vaping material, transferring heat right to it.
  2. Who is this Good For? If you want a vaporizer that's going to get hot really quickly, a conduction vaporizer is a great choice. Conduction vapes are often less expensive, too.
  3. What are the Drawbacks? Risk of waste due to inefficient heating; vapor flow can be slow or inconsistent.

  4. Convection - Heating Method

    • A convection vaporizer heats up material by warming the air around it. The heating element does not touch the vaping material. Instead, it gets the air hot, and the air then circulates through the material.
    • Who is this Good For? If you're concerned about keeping waste to a minimum, a convection vape is a good option because it will heat up material evenly. This type of vape also allows for steady vapor production.
    • What Are the Drawbacks? Not as quick to heat up; sometimes more expensive.
    vaporizer convection versus conduction smoking vs vaping info-graphic

    *** To get more information on convection vs conduction vaporizers, please click here.

    Basic Vaporizer Categories

    There are three basic categories of vaporizers.

    Vaporizer Pen

    • A vaporizer pen is a very compact vaporizer that is shaped like a pen and made to fit easily into a pocket for traveling. You can purchase an oil pen for oils, a wax pen for waxy concentrates, or a dry herb vaporizer pen for dry materials.
    • Who is this Good For? A vape pen is a good choice for someone who wants a discreet, easy-to-carry vaporizer that can be used easily while away from home. Vape pens also tend to be the least expensive and easiest to use vaporizer options.
    • What are the Drawbacks? A wax vape pen, oil pen, or herbal vaporizer pen will have a shorter battery life and hold less herbs than the other types of vaporizers. They also generally produce lower quality vapor than other models.

    Portable Vaporizer

    • A portable vaporizer is meant to be used on the go, so it runs on batteries or butane, or is heated by an external heat source, like the flame from a lighter. Portable vapes are generally larger than vape pens, but some are still small enough to fit into your pocket.
    • Who is this Good For? A portable vaporizer can be used for longer on the go. It usually holds more material, making it better for sharing.
    • What are the Drawbacks? This type of vaporizer is not as discreet as a vape pen and is more expensive. 

    Desktop Vaporizer

    • A desktop vaporizer is powered by electricity and must be plugged into a wall outlet. It is typically used only at home.
    • Who is this Good For? A desktop vaporizer makes it easy to vape with friends, and will generally provide the best vapor quality.
    • What are the Drawbacks? Desktop vapes are the most expensive options. They are typically harder to use than other types of vaporizers, and cannot be used on the go.

    We hope this introductory guide has helped you to begin to focus on the type of vaporizer that's right for you. You can start exploring the vape pen, portable vape, and desktop vaporizer products that are currently available here at VaporPlants.com to learn even more. If you'd like help finding the best vaporizer, we'll be glad to help you select that ideal product; whether it's a wax vaporizer pen, a desktop vaporizer, or a cannabis vapor pen that's right for you.

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