2016-02-09 18:33:25

Leonardo DiCaprio finally took home a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor at the January 2016 ceremony, but the big winner of the night may have been the vaporizer industry! Photos of Leo using his vape pen at the table during the ceremony have gone viral, showing that the rich and famous use vaporizers, not just stereotypical "stoners."

Vapor Pen Steals the Show

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are a little different than other award shows in that the celebrities eat dinner over the course of the night. While they were enjoying the meal, Leonardo DiCaprio produced what appears to be either a wax pen or an oil vaporizer pen and began drawing right at the table. He reportedly continued to do so throughout the evening; however, the television cameras managed to avoid catching him mid-draw. Still, the photos have been widely spread by the media, and now, everyone is talking about Leonardo DiCaprio's love for vaping.

Leo and Vaping

This isn't the first time that Leo has used a vaporizer pen in public. The celebrity was spotted with a vapor pen, while he was on a luxury yacht in St. Barts in the Caribbean over the summer. Photos of Leo drawing on the yacht, that reportedly cost $410,000 to rent for a full week, were widely circulated not just because of the vapor pen, but because Leo was also surrounded by a group of gorgeous women. At the Art Basel event held in Switzerland in 2015, Leo was also seen drawing on a vapor pen while looking at the works of art on display.

What Does Leo Vape?

While there is enough photographic evidence to prove that Leo DiCaprio is an avid vapor enthusiast, it's not clear exactly what he's vaping. Miley Cyrus implied, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, that she thinks it's a vaporizer for weed. She said that while filming Saturday Night Live, she was in the green room with Leo while he was using his vaporizer pen, and that she was disappointed he didn't offer her a draw.

Whether Leonardo DiCaprio uses a wax vaporizer pen for herbal use, or an oil electronic cigarette as a replacement for smoking cigarettes, the star's love for the vape pen is sure to help the vaporizer industry. After all, who wouldn't want to be like Leo?

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