2016-02-15 18:38:13

Ask anyone who has experience using a vaporizer for weed*, and you're likely to hear that a desktop vaporizer can provide the absolute best experience of any type of weed vape. No dry herb vaporizer pen can match the performance of an herbal tabletop vaporizer, but many people have shied away from dry herb vaporizer desktops in the past due to some of their downsides. Now, there is a company that has found a way to overcome the biggest disadvantages of desktop herb vaporizer units with their state-of-the-art dry herb vaporizer, the Herbalizer.

The Problem with Ordinary Vapes

The Herbalizer was designed by a pair of former NASA scientists
who noticed major problems with the vaporizers currently on the market. Even top-of-the-line marijuana vaporizer desktop units like the Volcano took several minutes to heat up, and for those who were using balloon style vapes, there was even more wait time, as it could take a few minutes for the bags to fill. The only alternative was using a device like an herbal vaporizer pen that could get hot quickly, but that often burned herbs rather than producing vapor.

A Bright Idea

The new Herbalizer vaporizer for herbs offers the speed of an herb vaporizer pen but with the performance of a desktop. This vape can get hot in less than 30 seconds because it uses a very unique heating element--a powerful 300-watt halogen light bulb. The bulb can reach temperatures of 800 degrees Fahrenheit in a remarkably short period of time, and is self contained in glass to ensure safe operation. The forced air mechanism inside the vape is also very efficient, and can fill a bag at a fraction of the time of an ordinary vaporizer. Plus, the model can double as a direct draw unit for maximum flexibility.

Precise Controls

With a vaporizer that's so powerful, there would naturally be concerns about the risk of combustion, but the engineers who created the Herbalizer have taken steps to prevent this from occurring. The pair developed a microprocessor that checks the temperature of the vape many times every second, and subtly adjusts the flow of current through the vaporizer to keep it at the user's desired temperature throughout operation. Purity is insured by the use of inert materials throughout the entire vapor path.

Of course, for all of its features and sophisticated technology, the Herbalizer does come at a high price. Still, for those who want the best vaping experience with virtually no wait time, the desktop vaporizer is an ideal investment. You can learn more about the herbal vaporizer here on its product page.

To read morea about Herbalizer, see herbalizer.com

*for legal medical purposes or for recreation in places where it's legal to do so